Piranha Fish Care Sheet: Setup, Feeding, & More

Piranha fish are actually globe popular now as well as a pop culture symbol. Their incredibly title rouses photos of sloppy waters loaded with tiny freshwater fish that possess lancinating pearly whites as well as a crave blood stream, like sharks in baby. The fact is actually both much less as well as more remarkable than this.

While they are actually significantly meat product eaters, Piranha care is actually never what you may be believing! In truth, most of the best popular varieties are actually downright nervous! Still, you’re much better off maintaining your hands outside the container in all opportunities…Let’s chat more concerning Piranha care.

About Piranhas


In the fish tank, many Piranha fish are actually rather nervous as well as but still incredibly hazardous, for explanations our experts’ll come to quickly. The fact is actually that they perform possess very seriously pointy pearly whites as well as real to the folklores, they may easily shear flesh coming from their target, tankmates…or even your palm if they determine to make an effort. Piranha fish tank routine maintenance is actually more fragile than is actually normal for aquarium yet certainly not as distressing as you could believe.

Piranhas are really incredibly carefully pertaining to Tetras as well as numerous stay in the exact same indigenous habitations. They utilized to become categorized in the exact same family members (Characidae) yet have actually because been actually transferred to their personal family members (Serrasalmidae). Neon, Cardinal, as well as particularly Black Skirt Tetras possess much more than a couple of passing similarities as well as behaviors.

Like their very small relatives, Red-Bellied Piranhas usually tend to await loosened shoals as opposed to real colleges. They devote a lot of their opportunity presenting to each other, offering quick goes after, as well as expecting meals to show up.

There more than a lots category of piranha in bush as well as numerous varieties. However, there are actually simply a handful that ever before create it right into the pastime. And of those, simply 3 prevail good enough to become easily recognizable through non-Piranha caretakers as well as ichthyologists.

Piranha Species Profiles

There are actually loads of Piranha varieties in bush yet these are actually the only 2 you’re most likely to ever before find. Speciality stockrooms as well as representatives might lug various other varieties on unusual events. Their care needs are actually usually the same to either of these 2 varieties, depending upon whether they are actually shoaling/social or even solitary/loners.

Red-Bellied Piranha

If you’ve ever before happened upon a Piranha varieties at a nearby household pet establishment or perhaps a gallery, possibilities are you were actually considering Red-Bellied Piranhas. 95% of the Piranhas in the field are this varieties. Their fantastic reddish stubborn bellies as well as quite social personality create all of them the best desirable Piranhas to take care of.

Red Bellies are actually medium-sized as grownups, along with 8-10 ins being actually typical for all of them. They are actually additionally the most convenient varieties to maintain along with various other fish such a long time as they are actually maintained properly supplied.

  • Scientific Name: Pygocentrus nattereri
  • Origin: Amazon Basin, South America
  • Length: 8-10 ins
  • Aquarium Size: 75+ Gallons
  • Temperament: Aggressive; Shy
  • Ease of Care: Moderate

Black (White) Piranha

Black Piranhas, additionally confusingly called White or even Red Eye Piranhas, are actually the 2nd very most popular Piranha varieties. Unlike Red Bellies, they are actually threatening, singular killers that aren’t nervous in all. Since they reside alone they don’t team right into feeding excitements.

In truth, they possess incredibly cichlid-like assurance that may be daunting along with their lancinating pearly whites. Also, you need to understand just how sizable they acquire – as much as twenty ins! They are going to see you as you move as well as might also make an effort to grip at cleansing resources that go into the container.

One need to regularly maintain Black Piranhas alone or even along with fish also tiny for it to trouble attempting to consume, like Guppies as well as Tetras. They are actually slow-growing, like an in each year. But they possess a refined pigmentation as well as are actually extraordinary program fish, presuming you possess the room for one.

  • Scientific Names: Serrasalmus rhombeus
  • Origin: South America
  • Length: 16-20 ins
  • Aquarium Size: 180+ quarts
  • Temperament: Aggressive
  • Ease of Care: Moderate

Are Piranhas Legal to Keep?

Here’s one thing you might certainly not understand: Piranhas aren’t lawful in numerous US conditions. They demand warm and comfortable, exotic temps to make it through as well as will certainly not have the capacity to reside year-round in every yet the hottest weather.

A Piranha populace can’t make it through in a lot of the nation. But they’ve recorded the well-liked creative imagination good enough that a significant number of states have banned them even with there being actually no threat of untamed Piranhas acclimating.

Many opportunities a “Piranha” located in nearby waters is really a Pacu, as this article by the Guardian located.

Piranha Fish Care

Piranha Fish Care
So long as you’re aware of the obstacles included, taking care of Piranhas is actually reasonably uncomplicated.

Piranha Fish Tank Size

A huge fish tank is actually critical for Piranhas for a number of explanations. One cause is actually that their pointy pearly whites create all of them incredibly untidy eaters that demand a meat-eating diet regimen. Meat-consuming fish that munch their meals launch lots of flesh bits right into the water that tooth decay as well as bring about alkali as well as nitrates. A fully grown, well-cycled fish tank along with a strong cylinder filter is actually required for their health and wellness.

Aquarium measurements is actually much more significant for the Black Piranha, which meets twenty ins as a grownup. Fortunately, they are actually incredibly slow-growing fish. They might simply expand one in each year, therefore you contend the very least a years just before you’ll need to have to exceed one hundred quarts.

Red-Bellied Piranhas, meanwhile, may be located as kids as tiny as an in long! They perform expand promptly yet may reside conveniently as grownups in storage tanks as tiny as 75 quarts. Just keep in mind that they are actually shoaling fish as well as must be actually inhibited teams of 3-12 whenever achievable.

Another significant cause Piranhas demand room is actually due to the fact that they are actually incredibly nervous fish! Far coming from the greatest Amazonian killers (besides the Black Piranha), Red-Bellied Piranhas are actually incredibly conveniently discouraged through unexpected activities due to the fact that numerous points, featuring folks, really love consuming all of them.

In truth, you need to prevent utilizing typical glass heating units in a Piranha container as they are actually most likely to beat versus it, pulverizing it as well as possibly frying your fish. Expert Piranha caretakers utilize either heating system protectors or even in-line heating units to prevent catastrophic damages.

Water Conditions for Piranha Fish

As I discussed previously, Piranhas are actually untidy predators. So hefty filtering as well as regular water adjustments are actually necessary to maintaining their water without alkali as well as various other nitrogenous misuse items.

For specifications, you’re considering typical exotic South American ailments, which vary coming from a pH of 5.5-7.0 as well as temps coming from 75-85℉. Piranhas demand incredibly warm and comfortable waters as they are actually located in the superficial, slow-flowing sections of streams as well as flows.

Piranhas populate waters in South America that are actually tarnished a darker herbal tea shade through vegetation tannins as well as humic acids. These chemicals may go down the pH incredibly reduced. While they don’t demand a blackwater fish tank they perform need to have a pH that’s on the mild to reduced edge to keep well-balanced.

You might actually be actually considering just how to carry out water adjustments in a Piranha container. Some aquarists determine they aren’t frightened through their fish as well as merely enter as well as clean the glass as well as suction the rocks typically. While they are actually unexpected to become attacked, it’s additionally certainly not away from the world of opportunity.

The issue along with Red Belly Piranhas isn’t that they are actually threatening, it’s that they are actually uncertain. When emotion intimidated, they both take off as well as attack. So if your branch remains in their technique, as well as they are actually very seriously quick fish, they might rage it in protection. It’s much better to connect your drain pipe to a rod or even utilize a pump enough time to certainly not need you adhering your palms right into the container.

Black Piranhas are actually a lot bolder, cleaning an actual problem. They are going to also snap magnetic glass cleaning services as well as are actually frequently hanging around at the area to nourish when you open up the cover for water adjustments…

Plants as well as Decorations

Plants are actually an integral part of Piranha care. They are actually incredibly vegetation risk-free for such sizable fish. In truth, vegetations are actually very encouraged for Red-Bellied Piranhas due to the fact that they give surrounding cover, aiding all of them experience much less revealed as well as thereby, nervous.

Since they are actually reasonably sizable, energetic fish, they might astonish heavily grown or even freely originated vegetations. And their passion of incredibly warm and comfortable temps might be actually a lot of for numerous vegetations, which choose being actually maintained listed below 80℉. Any of the vegetations highly recommended for Discus as well as Angelfish are actually excellent selections for Piranha aquarium tanks as they flourish in warm, acid situations.

You need to have to become incredibly intended along with picking your decors due to the fact that Piranhas are going to plunge right into all of them when shocked. Sharp bordered stones as well as directed driftwood must be actually stayed away from for soft bordered items.

Driftwood additionally supplies a slow-release resource of vegetation tannins, which buffer the pH in the direction of level of acidity. If you’re wanting to give real blackwater ailments for your tropical fish, look at additionally utilizing a blackwater essence formula. This technique, water adjustments won’t eliminate what couple of tannins your driftwood leeches with time.

Tank Mates for Piranha Fish

Choosing container companions for Piranhas is among the more tough components of maintaining all of them. Unfortunately, your best options are actually either various other Piranhas or even freshwater fish that you don’t mind shedding if your Piranhas determine they appear yummy.

Well-supplied Red Belly Piranhas are actually reasonably tamed in the direction of their container companions as well as may be maintained along with various other fish their measurements or even much larger. Large Cichlids like Peacock Bass, armored Catfish, as well as associated fish coming from South America like Pacus as well as Silver Dollars are your most safe selections. However, you may additionally make an effort maintaining all of them along with very small fish that are actually under their notification. Guppies, Zebra Danios, as well as various other fish varieties are actually frequently also tiny to become worth chasing after if your Piranhas are actually supplied frequently. No warranties, however.

Good Tank Mates for Red Belly Piranhas:

  • Other Red Belly Piranhas
  • Peaceful to Semi-Aggressive Community Fish (Cichlids, numerous Catfish, sizable Barbs, and so on)
  • Guppies, Danios, as well as various other tiny Community Fish
  • Armored Catfish

Poor Tank Mates for Red Belly Piranhas:

  • Gouramis, Platies, Mollies, Rainbowfish, Angelfish, as well as various other medium-sized Community Fish
  • Territorial, Aggressive fish (Certain Cichlids, Catfish, and so on)

Black Piranhas needs to be actually maintained singular or even once again, along with tropical fish that are actually under their notification. They are actually most likely heading to take a portion out of any type of large container companion that’s around if you overlook a feeding. Or they might attack even if they thought that it.

Feeding Piranha Fish

Feeding Piranha fish, meanwhile, is actually practically the most convenient part of maintaining all of them! As you could count on, Piranhas consume any type of kind of live or even lifeless meat product you supply all of them. But that doesn’t imply that you actually need to provide just about anything.

While it’s fine to supply it to all of them sometimes, birds as well as animals aren’t also suitable for all of them. Their meat product is actually a lot fattier than water pets, which may trigger fatty tissue property up in their body system tooth cavity as well as particularly the liver. Piranhas grew to consume primarily water meals along with the periodic fruit product as well as almonds fell coming from looming plants.

Chunks of thawed out seafood as well as white colored fish are actually the very best trait you may nourish all of them. Frozen mussels, squid, shrimp, as well as any type of shabby white colored fish coming from the sea food church aisle are going to perform. Feeder fish are actually an inadequate selection due to the fact that they are actually deprived, nutritionally talking. They are actually supplied poor-quality scabs for their quick lifestyles as well as are actually packed along with micro-organisms as well as bloodsuckers that acquire passed best onto the Piranha.

They additionally don’t need to have to become supplied everyday. One sincere feeding intermittent time suffices for Piranhas. They are going to consume intensely in the course of a singular feeding and after that absorb for a time.

Breeding Piranha Fish

Breeding is actually one part of Piranha care that you might be actually blessed to witness if you take care of to be successful at whatever gone over right here! They generate sometimes yet seldom in property aquarium tanks. It takes the best temps, grow older, sets, as well as water ailments to take it off.

Red Belly Piranhas aren’t intimately dimorphic – definition, you can’t inform all of them apart through appearing. The fish in some way understand; likely by means of personality as well as hormone signs. Females are going to swell a little when gravid as well as prepping to generate.

Captive spawnings generally occur when teams of 6 or even more fish are actually united in storage tanks higher 150 quarts. They set off as well as the guy are going to dig a superficial pit; a delicate substratum like sand creates his project a lot easier. The women down payments her eggs, the male feeds all of them, and after that steers her as well as every other fish that comes close to off till they hatch out.

The eggs take all around 4 times to establish as well as hatch out. Once the fry develop, they survive exclusively on their yolk sac pouches for one more 4 times, however. Once they lose yolk sac they are actually free-swimming as well as capable to eat salt water shrimp nauplii, small earthworms, as well as various other tiny, online target.

You need to siphon all of them coming from the guy’s home right into a fry rearing container now or even faster because he are going to cease taking care of all of them as well as the fry are going to be actually consumed through various other fish or even drawn right into the filter. Red-Bellied Piranhas expand rather quickly, around ½ – 1 in monthly, as well as await resell to nearby aquarists as well as household pet retail stores in only a couple of full weeks!

Piranha: Conclusion

Most of these care recommendations relate to both the Red Bellied Piranha due to the fact that it is actually without a doubt the best popular varieties of Piranha fish in the pastime. However, if you desire to make an effort maintaining a Black Piranha, you are actually still heading to be actually properly updated through this care overview.

Just keep in mind that the Red Bellied Piranha is actually a nervous fish that requires exclusive care as well as a weighty diet regimen. And make an effort certainly not to dip the container regularly as well as couple of accidents need to take place.

More Frequently Asked Questions concerning Piranha Fish

Still uncertain if Piranha fish correct for you? Then allow’s speak about a couple of more truths encompassing piranha fish as well as piranha fish care.

Can Piranha Fish Eat Humans?

Yes, they can. Piranha fish possess highly effective mouths as well as sizable, lancinating pearly whites that they utilize to cut parts of flesh coming from various other pets. They don’t normally consume pets higher all of them yet if famished or even fearful they may promptly rush in as well as attack. This actions may at that point activate various other Red-Bellied Piranha fish to adhere to, creating feeding excitements to emerge.

Is Piranha Fish Aggressive?

Red-Bellied Piranha fish as well as various other Piranha varieties are actually normally certainly not incredibly threatening. But Black Piranhas are actually incredibly threatening as well as are going to eliminate very most various other fish in the exact same fish tank as all of them.

Can You Keep Piranha Fish as Pets?

Piranha fish come from the family members Serrasalmidae, that includes numerous well-liked tropical fish coming from South American streams, like Pacus as well as Silver Dollars. They may be maintained as household pets yet they are actually mild to hard to take care of. Red-Bellied Piranha fish are actually incredibly nervous as well as uncertain, that makes all of them often hazardous. But when properly supplied as well as inhibited steady states they take it easy good enough to help make wonderful as well as long-lived household pets. Black Piranhas are actually a lot calmer yet need to be actually maintained alone due to the fact that they are actually sizable as well as incredibly areal.

How Fast Can a Piranha Eat a Human?

Experts from Popular Science located that in between 300 as well as five hundred Piranha fish will guillotine an individual in around 5 mins. In Piranha-ravaged waters, the fish is going to go into a feeding craze where they promptly remove a physical body basic of flesh within simple mins. And because they pullulate colleges it’s completely achievable for all of them to totally consume an individual.

In South America, this is actually very most hazardous in the dry out period when the water table are actually incredibly reduced. The piranha fish possess most likely consumed whatever else in a physical body of water as well as are actually going without food. An individual instantly delving into those waters might at that point be actually assaulted through a college of Red-Bellied Piranha.

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