10 Awesome Pictus Catfish Tank Mates (Compatibility Guide)

Pictus Catfish are actually family members Pimelodidae, which are actually quite unlike the majority of the catfish our team’ve familiarized. When individuals believe “catfish,” what enters your mind is actually often a whiskered, somewhat beefy as well as slow-moving bottom-dwelling fish that merely gobbles whatever they discover.

pictus catfish

Plecostomus as well as algae eaters are actually a little bit a lot more amazing yet are actually still instances of this particular slow-moving, non-active catfish tip our team possess.

Pimelodid catfish are actually quite various; the large number are actually quick, open-water killers that reside either one by one or even in huge shoals. Pimelodid catfish are actually hardly hostile yet they are actually meat-eating. Any tank companion tiny sufficient to become a dish for all of them are going to likely be actually consumed. So maintaining Guppies along with Pictus Catfish is actually a wonderful means for all of them to begin going away when the illuminations head out as well as the guppies attempt to rest.

But when inhibited fish tanks along with various other medium-sized fish like Gouramis as well as Angelfish Pictus Catfish are actually serene, appealing add-ons to your tank!

Something else to find out about Pictus Catfish is actually that they are actually gently poisonous. Like very most catfish they have actually definitely enhanced backs in their dorsal as well as pectoral fins. These backs possess either a layer of poisonous mucous or even possess genuine poisonous substance glandulars at their foundation that can easily lead to discomfort in human beings as well as seriously hurt a predacious fish that attempts to consume a Pictus Catfish. 

The discomfort is actually purportedly no much worse than a honey bee’s sting yet perforation injuries coming from a slimed fish are actually additionally a wonderful means for microbial diseases to hold. Also the backs may conveniently acquire recorded in a web when recording one – or even puncture a gap in the plastic bag you are actually utilizing to take the fish house. So constantly be actually a little bit of cautious when managing these bristly catfish!

  • Scientific Name: Pimelodus pictus
  • Origin: Amazon & Orinoco River bodies
  • Length: 4 to 5 ins
  • Aquarium Size: 40+ quarts
  • Temperament: Peaceful; Predatory
  • Ease of Care: Easy

Pictus Catfish Care

Pictus Catfish Tank Size

Pictus Catfish Water Conditions

When marketed as 2-inch young people, Pictus Catfish feel like a wonderful add-on to much smaller storage tanks. But one, they expand to become good-sized; anywhere coming from 4 to 5 ins long. Plus they are actually quite energetic swimmers as well as require tons of area. Pictus Catfish are actually additionally social as well as must certainly never be actually maintained alone.

All of these requirements implies that you must be actually maintaining a team of 4 or even even more in a tank at the very least 40 quarts in measurements. Another explanation for the bigger tank is actually that these fish are actually completely meat-eating. All predators generate tons of alkali in their misuse because of each one of the healthy protein being actually absorbed as well as handed down. 

This alkali implies that aggressive fish area a greater bioload on the fish tank, suggesting you must offer even more area for alkali to avoid coming to be centered. Meaning, a lot more water quantity. Plus a lot more purification to refine everything in to nitrite as well as nitrate with a fully grown organic purification unit!

Aquascaping for Pictus Catfish

Pictus Catfish are actually quite easy when it pertains to aquascaping given that they are actually base as well as midwater residence fish. The essential factors to provide are actually area free of cost going swimming as well as safe and secure spots to conceal when they intend to relax.

Therefore an available midwater area is necessary for all of them. This carries out certainly not suggest that you can’t possess stones or even driftwood in the tank. But don’t permit way too much of the midwater region to become crowded through decoration. Background vegetations like Vallisneria as well as Hornwort are actually sturdy as well as offer cover while additionally absorbing the excess alkali discharged through these fish.

Pictus Catfish don’t care a lot concerning your option in substratum, the good news is. You can easily make use of either crushed rock or even sand for all of them. Sand carries out operate a little bit of much better given that these are actually scaleless fish. Rough crushed rock grains may possibly scrape their skin layer in the course of an unexpected dashboard if scared. Normally 

Pictus Catfish are going to recover coming from any type of personal injuries quite rapidly yet it’s additionally feasible for available injuries to come to be contaminated. And scaleless fish are actually constantly more difficult to address for illness given that they are actually a lot more conscious medicines.

Pictus Catfish Water Conditions

Another reason that Pictus Catfish are actually therefore well-liked is actually that they are actually quite sturdy fish that can easily endure a vast array of water ailments. They are going to flourish also in the tough, alkaline faucet water (pH 7.0+) that prevails in the majority of the planet’s nations. However they perform arise from waters that are actually soft (reduced amounts of hardness/dissolved minerals) as well as acid (pH <7.0).

You are going to observe enhanced health and wellness, hunger, as well as task when maintaining Pictus Catfish in these ailments. Keeping water acid may be a little a difficulty given that the mineral amounts in faucet water may be quite higher in some component of the planet. But you can easily purchase ingredients that make use of vegetation tannins as well as humic acids to reduce the pH. Indian nuts leaves behind as well as driftwood are actually additionally slow-release resources of vegetation materials that take the pH to even more relaxed amounts!

Temperature-prudent, these are actually tropic exotic fish. Therefore our team intend to maintain our Pictus Catfish good as well as warm and comfortable along with amounts around 75-82℉ in any way opportunities. When temperature levels acquire chillier than this their metabolic rates begin to possess problems.

Like very most fish Pictus Catfish are actually endothermic, suggesting their physical methods are actually managed through exterior warm. When maintained as well chilly they begin possessing intestinal problems as well as illness come to be a lot more typical in all of them.

What Do Pictus Catfish Eat?

Pictus Catfish are actually completely meat-eating fish, suggesting they supply specifically on various other creatures. Small earthworms, tiny fish, little bit of shrimp, little one snails, as well as various other products are actually all level playing field for all of them. They utilize their rate as well as incredibly largemouths when offering hunt as well as their extra-long face hairs to track victim also in darkened water. 

Their hairs are actually long sufficient also to hit their rears, providing a responsive feeling that matches their actually great sight as well as feeling of aroma. 

That mentioned, Pictus Catfish are actually never particular concerning what you supply all of them. A mix of ready, new, as well as icy meals is actually better. Start off along with a top notch, protein-rich scab or even pellet mixture. By considering the active ingredients on the tag you can easily say to one thing concerning the characteristic. Is it filled with inexpensive corn, wheat or grain, soya, or even white potato carbohydrate? Or performs it make use of entire fish, shrimp, squid, as well as krill as the foundation?

Fresh foods items like cuts of white colored fish, shrimp, or even squid will definitely be actually greedily consumed such a long time as it’s reduced tiny sufficient. Seafood generally is actually the greatest resource of meals for all of them. Also do not hesitate to supply new, real-time, or even icy fish tank foods items like salt water shrimp, blood stream earthworms, dark earthworms, as well as tubifex earthworms. 

Just don’t supply way too much tubifex or even earthworms. All annelid earthworms are actually a little bit of higher in body fat as well as must be actually supplied occassionaly!

Breeding Pictus Catfish


Unfortunately reproduction Pictus Catfish is actually quite tough to accomplish in house aquarium tank. Not inconceivable yet quite unexpected for you to prosper. The major problems are actually that they are actually education and also informing the sexual activities apart is actually virtually inconceivable.

Since they stay in teams of numbers of to thousands of people in bush, Pictus Catfish are actually a lot more most likely to generate when provided the aesthetic as well as hormone hints that arise from residing along with huge teams of their personal kind. 

They most likely react to in season hints too. While in the tropic jungles the temperature levels don’t transform everything considerably there are actually still some mild changes that occur over the months. 

Water amounts frequently fluctuate too along with the stormy as well as completely dry period, which additionally has an effect on the water chemical make up. Since fish in house fish tanks hardly experience these indicators it is actually more difficult to acquire all of them to generate. But one excellent way to accomplish therefore is actually to imitate in season modifications through permitting the fish tank water table acquire reduced and after that unexpectedly incorporating a massive inflow (fifty%) of new water and after that boosting the temperature level to 82-85℉. 

This replicates the spring season stormy period, which activates a lot Amazonian fish to generate. Not merely Pictus Catfish; it’s additionally a wonderful secret for caretakers of Dwarf Otocinclus, Discus, Bristlenose Plecos, as well as Neon Tetras!

Sexing Pictus Catfish

And as I mentioned previously, informing man coming from women Pictus Catfish is actually practically inconceivable. When entirely expanded there is actually plumpness to the ladies that is actually often apparent to a specialized Pictus Catfish aquarist. But these fish will definitely additionally stuff on their own on meals whenever they can easily therefore it could merely be actually around meals stubborn belly you’re finding as opposed to ovaries filled with eggs.

Otherwise, guys as well as ladies have to do with the exact same size. The catfish can easily reckon one another’ sexual activities besides hormone as well as personality hints that our team aren’t capable to observe.

The 10 Compatible Pictus Catfish Tank Mates

Here are actually 10 appropriate Pictus catfish tank mates that you must think about:

Blue Gourami

blue gourami

Blue Gourami are among the earliest tropical fish as well as have actually remained in the exchange for years. As an end result they can be found in a number of remarkable different colors morphs, consisting of Platinum, Gold, Opaline, as well as Albino.

They are actually side to side pressed as well as possess fragile feeler-like pectoral fins for browsing with weed-choked waters. Like their near relatives the Betta, Gouramis are actually predisposed sky rests as well as routinely take mouthfuls of oxygen-rich sky!

Blue Gourami are actually understood to become semi-aggressive, which frequently unpleasant surprises aquarists. This aggressiveness is actually a lot more evident in guys as well as is actually considerably even worse when they are actually inhibited much smaller fish tanks.

Since they can easily rise to 5 inches in size you’ll prefer finally 30 quarts for a singular Blue Gourami. When maintaining all of them in sets the man are going to position even more of his interest on his prospective companion or even opponent, saving his tank mates.

  • Scientific Name: Trichopodus trichopterus
  • Origin: Southeast Asia
  • Size: Up to 5 ins
  • Temperament: Semi-Aggressive
  • Bucktooth Tetra

    Kryptopterus vitreolus glass catfish

    While they appear rather various Glass Catfish are actually quite identical to Pictus Cats in routine. Both are actually energetic killers that relocate huge colleges. Both Catfish must be actually provided farmer Guppies as well as recently melted weighty products like Brine Shrimp or even Bloodworms.

    The transparent body systems of Glass Catfish influences their various other typical label: Ghost Catfish. These striking fish may be quite conscious quantum leaps in water ailments. When buying at the family pet retail store certainly never purchase a Glass Catfish that’s no more straightforward. This is actually an indicator that the fish is actually most likely to perish.

    Provide all of them along with smooth, acid water chemical make up as well as temperature levels coming from 75-80F to maintain all of them healthy and balanced as well as energetic! Heavily grown fish tanks plus the firm of their personal kind goes a very long way in the direction of maintaining all of them satisfied.

    • Scientific Name: Kryptopterus vitreolus
    • Origin: Thailand
    • Size: Up to 5 ins
    • Temperament: Predatory; Schooling

    Blue Gularis Killifish

    51gJbTNbeTL. SL160

    As a killer you must supply all of them a mix of protein-rich real-time as well as icy meals, enhanced through a premium pellet. Since numerous well-liked ready formulations make use of a bunch of vegetable-based fillers I encourage Fluval Bug Bites for predators. The primary active ingredients are actually insect larvae as well as fish healthy protein; ideal for both Pictus Cats as well as Blue Gularis!

    • Scientific Name: Fundulopanchax sjoestedti
    • Origin: West Africa
    • Size: 5 ins
    • Temperament: Semi-Aggressive

    Silver Dollar


    When trying to find huge dither fish I constantly encourage choosing Silver Dollars. These huge education characins relate to both the toothy Piranha as well as the huge Pacu. Yet they aren’t virtually as huge as Tinfoil Barbs or even Pacus, producing all of them much better matched to aquarists along with medium-sized storage tanks coming from 55-125 quarts.

    Silver Dollar is actually a common label for a number of carefully similar fish. All possess a metal silver foundation as well as a number of types possess reddish in their fins or even flanks too.

    While serene, Silver Dollars may be exceptionally nervous as well as are going to face glass as well as ornaments if an unexpected activity leads to the college to panic. Thankfully, they usually tend to chill out when joined serene, energetic tank mates like Pictus Catfish.

    Silver Dollars are actually entirely vegan too. Besides top quality Spirulina-located formulations you must additionally supply all of them stewed veggies like greens as well as zucchini! Unfortunately, they are actually completely inappropriate for grown storage tanks. Even the most difficult vegetations are going to become consumed through all of them!

  • Scientific Name: Metynnis sp.
  • Origin: South America
  • Size: 6-8 ins
  • Temperament: Shy; Schooling
  • Rubber Pleco

    31ME9ypw0ES. SL160

    Since they are actually such proficient algae eaters you’ll require to maintain view to guarantee your Rubber Pleco is actually properly supplied. I normally include a couple of vegan algae biscuits in the evening to guarantee they continue to be plump. Like a number of the a lot more uncommon Plecos they additionally like possessing smooth, fully grown driftwood to rasp on.

    • Scientific Name: Chaetostoma formosae
    • Origin: South America
    • Size: 4 ins
    • Temperament: Peaceful; Shy

    Angelfish & Discus

    discus dp

    Angelfish are actually a number of one of the most famous tropical fish you can easily acquire as well as they are actually awesome tank mates for Pictus Catfish. While they are actually moderate to huge cichlids, Angelfish are actually quite moderate behaved as well as possess oral cavities considerably extremely tiny to accomplish true damage.

    They additionally originated from the Amazon Basin as well as like smooth, also blackwater atmospheres along with lots of vegetations to dart with. Angelfish also create shoals in attribute as well as periodically set off to reproduce. Like very most Cichlids Angelfish are actually great moms and dads, though they are actually additionally nearly inconceivable to say to man coming from lady.

    Discus are actually one more Amazonian Cichlid that possess identical behaviors to Angelfish. Discus can be found in thousands of different colors morphs as well as are actually nearly similar to Koi in relations to their selection as well as multiplying prospective.

    Discus are actually a lot more reluctant than Angels, nevertheless, as well as quite conscious unsatisfactory water states.

    • Scientific Name: Pterophyllum scalare & Symphysodon aequifasciatus, S. discus, S. tarzoo
    • Origin: South America
    • Size: 5-6 ins
    • Temperament: Peaceful to Semi-Aggressive

    Rainbow Shark

    rainbow shark 3

    Rainbow Sharks are actually carefully pertaining to the a lot more hostile Red Tail Black Shark (Epalzeorhynchos bicolor). However, they are actually slimmer, even more of a gray to light-toned dark in different colors, as well as possess orange to light-toned reddish fins as opposed to a scarlet rear fin.

    They perform possess the distinguishing shark-like dorsal fin as well as energetic hunting routine that provides their label, though! I especially encourage Rainbow Sharks given that they are actually much much less areal.

    Red Tail Sharks are going to usually tend to control all-time low of an aquarium tank as well as are going to provide Pictus Catfish a difficult time. Rainbow Sharks still like possessing a cavern or even various other residence to call their personal, though.

    Like very most huge Cyprinids (Barbs, Goldfish, Danios, and so on) Rainbow Sharks are actually omnivores that consume each vegetation as well as pet concern. Fresh tubifex earthworms, waxy veggies, scabs, as well as also algae are actually all merrily taken through all of them.

    • Scientific Name: Epalzeorhynchos frenatum
    • Origin: Southeast Asia
    • Size: 6 ins
    • Temperament: Peaceful

    Tiger Barb

    tiger barb dp

    Tiger Barbs are actually excellent Pictus Catfish tank mates: extremely huge to become consumed while primarily dismissing their tank mates. They are actually periodically fin-nippers yet are actually a lot more harmful in the direction of Bettas as well as various other slow-moving relocating fish.

    Tiger Barbs are actually quite effortless to maintain as well as given that all are actually tank multiplied they flourish in a variety of water states. Neutral to a little acid fits all of them better, nevertheless. Like very most Barbs they are actually energetic education fish; a singular Tiger Barb often tends to become nervous as well as conveniently stressed out.

    Tiger Barbs are actually additionally a wide array of the genetically crafted Glofish which contain neon coral reef as well as jellyfish healthy proteins. These extreme brand new fish possess an irreversible, non-dye located radiance as well as propose a really appealing future for the fish tank leisure activity!

  • Scientific Name: Puntigrus tetrazona
  • Origin: Southeast Asia
  • Size: 3 ins
  • Temperament: Peaceful to Semi-Aggressive; Schooling
  • Red Irian Rainbowfish

    Glossolepis incisus red rainbowfish

    Rainbowfish are actually a big household of tropical fish; some are actually much smaller than an in long as well as would certainly be actually an effortless food for a famished Pictus Catfish. However the Red Irian Rainbowfish is just one of the biggest types.

    Like numerous fish Red Irian Rainbowfish are actually sexually dimorphic. The guys are actually a lively tone of crimson while the ladies are actually sterling silver to brownish in different colors. However, you’ll require a couple of ladies for him to thrill if you intend to observe the greatest different colors as well as appealing social communications.

    Red Rainbows are actually education fish as well as considering their measurements you’ll require at the very least 55 quarts of area for a little shoal of 5-6 people. They are actually additionally rather quick and easy to reproduce as well as I definitely encourage accomplishing this. Tank multiplied Rainbowfish are actually constantly in higher requirement as well as it additionally takes tension off of untamed inventories!

    • Scientific Name: Glossolepis incisus
    • Origin: Irian Jaya, Indonesia
    • Size: 6-8 ins
    • Temperament: Peaceful; Schooling

    Frequently Asked Questions concerning Pictus Catfish

    How Big Do Pictus Catfish Get?

    Pictus Catfish are actually moderate sized tropical fish, arriving at in between 4 as well as 5 inches in size as grownups.

    What Do Pictus Catfish Eat?

    Pictus Catfish are actually meat-eating killers that eat much smaller fish as well as invertebrates like earthworms, shrimp, as well as insect larvae. This implies that they must certainly not be actually maintained along with fish tiny sufficient to become consumed. They aren’t hostile yet they are actually opportunistic killers.

    Can Pictus Catfish Live With Cichlids?

    Pictus Catfish may be maintained along with cichlids such a long time as you opt for the cichlid very carefully. Pictus pussy-cats are actually quite quick yet they discuss the exact same base as well as midwater area that cichlids perform. Especially hostile or even multiplying cichlids can possibly do all of them a bunch of damage given that your Pictus Catfish won’t manage to conveniently leave behind the area they have actually declared. 

    They possess no ranges to disperse attacks coming from a found out cichlid as well as their fragile hairs are actually conveniently damaged too. So don’t maintain all of them in along with a lot more hostile cichlids in much smaller fish tanks.

    How Long Do Pictus Catfish Live?

    Pictus Catfish are actually reasonably long-lived fish that will definitely flourish anywhere coming from 8 to 10 years old!

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