Types of Livebearing Aquarium Fish

Livebearers are actually some of one of the most usual and also well-known fish in the aquarium business.

The title “livebearer” shows you one part of what helps make these fish much more exciting than others: as opposed to setting eggs, the mommies rear their youthful within till they’re sturdy sufficient to dive by themselves.

Similar to a creature, the male fertilizes the women inside. The women after that expands progressively inflamed as the infants create.

These quite possibly established youthful possess a more significant possibility of survival in bush reviewed to various other types!

Fortunately, these intriguing fish are actually affordable, simple to look after, and also relaxed add-ons to any sort of area aquarium.

There are actually numerous livebearers that you’ll locate at pretty much any sort of dog outlet or even on the web fish outlet; this short article deals with one of the most usual freshwater livebearers in today’s markets!

Types of Common Freshwater Livebearers

Here are actually a handful of of our preferred livebearers for freshwater fish tanks:

Guppy (Poecilia reticulata)

molly fish

Although very closely pertaining to guppies (Poecilia reticulata), mollies are actually the livebearer that appears minimum like all of them.

Significantly higher their small relatives, mollies are actually salt-loving livebearers belonging to the warmer sections of the Carribean shoreline along North and also South America.

While all livebearers favor a contact of sodium and also veggies in their diet regimens, mollies grow on each. They are actually often located in briny and also also deep sea settings throughout their craze.

Mollies possess a preference for filamentous algae and also soft-bodied vegetations like Elodea. Providing paled smooth veggies like zucchini is actually very important permanently shade and also possible reproduction.

As an overall livebearer regulation, men are actually showier than women. While in phrases of shade this is actually much less correct for mollies, men lug snazzy dorsal and also rear fins that they make use of in competitions of domination and also sex-related shows.

Common Molly (Poecilia sphenops)

Of the 3 usual molly types forthcoming, this is actually one of the most often found types. Like all livebearers, they are actually typically identified through their breed as opposed to a solitary title. G

aged Dust Mollies are actually spangled in twelve o’clock at night dark and also astonishing, reflective gold. Dalmation Mollies (a title shown some Sailfin assortments) are actually identified in white colored and also dark. And a handful of various other assortments exist, a lot of variants on the , gold, and also seen motif.

Having been actually captively multiplied for hundreds of age groups, Common Mollies are actually the most convenient to always keep of all the Molly loved ones.

They are actually one of the most forgiving of differing water premium, don’t go through considerably coming from shortage of sodium, and also are going to gladly consume everything given. They will definitely additionally multiply quickly reviewed to the others.

Sailfin Molly (Poecilia latipinna)


Platies may just about take on Guppies as the initial hunt for several brand-new aquarium enthusiasts. Coming in a vast variety of different colors and also a little bit of higher Guppies, these punchy livebearers are actually a terrific add-on to any sort of area or even types storage tank.

Native to Mexico and also Central America, Platies like however don’t demand sodium the means Mollies perform. As participants of the category Xiphophorus, they are actually specifically very closely pertaining to Swordtails (Xiphophorus hellerii) and also periodically interbreed along with their bigger relatives.

Male Platies are actually smaller sized than women however certainly not virtually as a lot reviewed to various other livebearers. They are actually additionally pretty forgiving of various other men and also don’t attempt to control one another the means various other livebearers perform.

Unfortunately, this may indicate men will definitely “school” as they go after averse women around a container. It’s greatest to possess 2 women for every guy, to guarantee they all possess a possibility to leave his interest!

Southern Platy (Xiphophorus maculatus)

Common Platy

Southern Platies are actually the criterion Platy you find in virtually every aquarium outlet worldwide. Maculatus is available in hundreds of various colour kinds, along with dark, golds, reddishes, woes, saber stalked, and also hi-fin kinds, simply among others.

Having been actually restricted multiplied for years, Southern Platies are actually remarkably durable and also will definitely endure temps coming from 69-80F and also also somewhat acid waters.

Like all livebearers, nonetheless, they favor somewhat alkaline water, reasonably cozy temps (75 levels), periodic veggies, and also a contact of sodium for ideal wellness. 10 quart storage tanks are actually an excellent beginning aspect for Platy caretakers.

Southern Platies are actually as simple to multiply as Guppies and also along with as a lot hybridization that’s taken place for many years, also 2 moms and dads that counterpart might possess infants that are available in a confetti of various colors.

Variable Platy (Xiphophorus variatus)

Variable Platies are actually a little much less usual than Southern Platies however are actually still simple to locate. These livebearers are actually somewhat thinner than the beefy Southerns however additionally maximum out at around 2 ins.

Despite the title, Variable Platies don’t can be found in pretty as several different colors as Southern Platies; very most color assortments are actually a mix of gold, reddish, and also dark.

Variables are actually equally simple to always keep as Southern Platies and also will definitely also interbreed along with their near relatives, consisting of Swordtails, for intriguingly designed children.

Platy Summary

  • Very Hardy however Prefer Moderate Temperatures and also Alkaline Water
  • Medium Sized Livebearers
  • Easy to Breed
  • Will Eat Anything
  • Swordtail (Xiphophorus hellerii)

    Swordtail red color males in the dark

    Close relative to the Platies, Swordtails are actually belonging to Mexico and also Central America. The very most usual types is actually the Green Swordtail, which carries out possess a light-toned green color in attributes. Thanks to restricted reproduction, Swordtails been available in a vast variety of different colors, along with reddishes, afro-americans, golds, and also woes component of the prospective scheme.

    Double Sword and also also Lyre-finned Swordtails additionally exist, enabling all of them to contend despite Sailfin Mollies for elegance while being actually much much easier to always keep.

    Swordtails are actually specifically simple to say to guy coming from women: merely men possess the snazzy expansion of the rear fin that provides their title. Like all livebearers, women are actually additionally normally a lot less vivid and also somewhat bigger. Swordtails are actually showier than platies and also somewhat bigger at 3-4 ins, however, are actually additionally as simple to always keep and also multiply.

    While assortments of the Green Swordtail are actually located in animal search the planet, wild-caught types periodically show up in specialized retail stores.

    Even crazy swordtails usually tend to become simple to always keep and also multiply however considering their one of a kind, never ever combine all of them along with usual Swordtails, lest they generate hybrid youthful you shouldn’t offer.

    Swordtail Summary

    • As Showy as Mollies however Much Easier to Keep
    • Medium Sized
    • Easily Bred
    • Non-Picky Eaters

    Caring for Livebearing Fish

    livebearer tank

    While some of the minimum asking for of all tropical fish, freshwater livebearers possess some features worth researching:

    Aquarium Size

    Livebearers differ significantly in dimension; guy Endler’s Livebearers could be as little as ½ an in while Yucatan Molly women get to 8 inches in duration.

    As an overall regulation, our team constantly wish to provide fish as a lot area as our team may pay for.

    Larger storage tanks are really much easier to sustain than little ones given that they possess even more water. More water quantity suggests the storage tank is actually much less conscious unexpected adjustments in temp, pH, salinity, alkali, and also various other criteria.

    Guppies and also Endler’s Livebearers may reside pleasantly in storage tanks as little as 5 quarts along with 10 being actually so much more pleasant for teams.

    Platies, Swordtails, and also Common Mollies delight in 10 quarts as a lowest, along with twenty being actually far better for Swordtails as they grow. Sailfin and also Yucatan Mollies need to be actually inhibited storage tanks of 30 quarts or even bigger.

    Water Quality

    Since livebearers stem from the very same standard location (cozy seaside Atlantic/Caribbean waters of North and also South America), they discuss tastes in a whole lot of means.

    Warm temps of at the very least 75 levels F, alkaline waters (pH greater than 7), and also reside vegetations for added oxygenation go a very long way to maintaining all of them satisfied and also about to multiply.

    All livebearers additionally like sodium in their water relatively. Guppies, Platies, and also Swordtails are actually the minimum desperate, while Mollies demand.

    A tsp of non-iodized aquarium sodium every quart is actually an excellent quantity for the initial 3, along with mollies nurturing as high as you like include, around total sea salinity.

    Mollies are actually in some cases also be actually maintained as algae eaters for coral reef fish tanks!


    All 4 primary teams of livebearers are actually relaxed and also non-combative along with various other fish. They create wonderful add-ons to any sort of variety of relaxed area storage tanks.

    Keep in thoughts if you make a decision to include aquarium sodium that the various other types are actually additionally forgiving of sodium.

    Many fish, specifically those coming from smooth, acid waters, are actually quite intolerant of aquarium sodium at the degrees livebearers like.

    Breeding Livebearers

    Livebearers are actually some of one of the most fulfilling fish you may have if you wish to rear infants.

    They are actually simple to locate, simple to say to the sexual activities apart, apparent when they’re expectant, and also bring to life big, properly established children that will definitely consume just about everything. With the properly blended genetics swimming pools of very most captive-bred livebearers, the infants may can be found in virtually any sort of selection, especially Guppies and also Platies.

    Males vs. Females

    Male livebearers are actually constantly smaller sized and also showier in shade. They all additionally possess a gonopodium; a tubular rectal fin utilized to fertilize women inside. Females are actually bigger, normally a lot less deeply tinted, and also possess an ordinary, fan-shaped rectal fin.

    Notice the tube-like gonopodium of the smaller sized Endler’s Livebearer guy, expanded ahead as he attempts to copulate. Also the fan-shaped rectal fin of the a lot bigger, uninteresting tinted women.

    Considering livebearers like Guppies certainly not merely procreate along with numerous men however will definitely put off pregnancy and also also outlet semen coming from previous breeding coming from the fittest companions, it could be testing to anticipate when families will definitely create.

    As a rugged regulation of finger, livebearers may multiply every 3-6 full weeks when in ideal wellness.

    The variety of infants varies coming from twenty around one hundred at once; just how inflamed the women’s tummy is actually provides you some evidence of just how massive she’s bring.

    Breeding Signs

    Another indication to keep an eye out for is actually the gravid area. This darker area is actually very most apparent in smaller sized livebearers women that are actually much less brilliantly tinted, like Guppies and also Platies.

    This sulky place near the foundation of the rectal fin presents where the youthful fry create.

    The gravid area expands in dimension and also adjustments shade as the infants create within. Heavily expectant women might possess skin layer flexed therefore strict the eyes of the youthful could be translucented the area and also her incrustations!

    The Birthing Setup

    When the time appears straight, relocating the expectant women to either a different storage tank or even reproducing snare is actually the most ideal means to guarantee the various other fish don’t enjoy the defenseless fry. Even their mommy will definitely overlook after delivering and also consider all of them food items if located in the aquarium!

    Breeding snares been available in plastic assortments along with grates where the youthful may flop upon rise along with easy net snares.

    Most livebearers deliver either at advent or even twilight, an organic modification that provides their youthful the most ideal possibility of continuation.

    Feeding the Fry

    Livebearer youthful are actually reasonably big reviewed to various other tropical fish types.

    While carefully smashed scab food items grain could be given, little frosted and also online food items like infant salt water shrimp and also water bugs are actually most likely to become taken and also give far better health and nutrition.

    The smashed yolk sac of challenging steamed eggs is actually an additional wonderful selection – however in little volumes! While specifically higher in body fats and also healthy protein, egg yolk sac fouls aquarium water exceptionally quickly.


    While there are actually numerous types of usual freshwater livebearers, the several types of Guppy, Molly, Platy, and also Swordtail are actually the ones you frequently find.

    These livebearers been available in enormous array; every shade of the rainbow, dwarf arrays, and also fin expansions are actually all component of the series they give. And very most of all of them are actually remarkably durable and also fulfilling to multiply!

    If you haven’t currently, provide freshwater livebearers a go at some time!

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