The Complete Giant Betta Care Guide

The giant betta is among a lot of varieties of betta fish. It is actually the biggest range of betta as well as is actually the outcome of discerning reproduction.

The giant Betta is actually a stunning fish along with spectacular colours. It is actually well-liked along with a lot of fish-keeping aficionados due to its own abnormally vivid look.

Giant Betta Facts & Overview

giant betta

Care Level:Moderate
Color:Blue, eco-friendly, orange, reddish, yellowish, violet
Lifespan:2-3 years
Size:Up to 4 ins
Minimum Tank Size:10 quarts
Tank Set-Up:Freshwater, moderate existing, 76° Fahrenheit
Compatibility:Other tiny freshwater fish

The giant betta is actually a freshwater fish that is actually frequently acquired through excited aquarists. Its spectacular colours produce it stand apart coming from various other fish.

The taxonomic name of the giant betta is actually the Betta anabantoids. They concern the loved ones of Osphronemidae as well as are actually all fresh water fish.

An ‘anabantoid’ fish indicates that the giant betta takes a breath via a maze body organ that makes it possible for the fish to take in air coming from over the area of the water.

The giant betta man possesses a strongly hostile attribute. That is actually why they are actually likewise referred to as the Siamese battling fish.

Typical Behavior

Because the giant betta man possesses such a threatening nature, he is going to perhaps tackle every other male bettas that he recognizes to become a risk to him as well as his region.

For this factor, you might intend to look at offering your giant betta his personal fish tank.

However, if you intend to possess various other fish in the very same container, our experts advise a cautious option of the most effective container buddies. The giant betta needs to certainly not be actually coupled with every other normally hostile fish.

When your giant betta is actually believing restful as well as comfortable, he will definitely go for a swim about along with soft, delicate actions. However, quick, agitated going swimming might be actually an indicator that he is actually believing stressful as well as stressed out.


The giant betta is actually observed in a variety of colours. The colours are actually tough as well as brilliant, creating the fish simply recognizable and many more fish.

It is actually these brilliant colours that produce the giant betta therefore enticing. They are actually frequently observed in noticeably brilliant hues of blue, reddish, eco-friendly, as well as orange. The men often tend to possess brighter colouring, while the women are actually a bit a lot more on the ordinary edge.

The giant betta is actually substantially higher various other varieties of betta. An typical completely expanded man is going to normally hit a size of 3½ – 4 ins, while the lady is actually often a little bit of smaller sized.

Habitat as well as Tank Conditions

The giant Betta emerges coming from the waterways as well as bogs of Southeast Asia. Therefore, it is actually made use of to water that is actually slightly hot as well as are going to certainly not accept cool water whatsoever.

The waterways in their authentic region are actually often either still as well as swamp-like, or even really slow-going. Therefore the giant betta needs to have water that carries out certainly not possess a quite tough existing.

Tank Conditions

The giant betta will definitely flourish in water along with mild specifications.

The water temp in your giant betta’s container must constantly be actually 75°-76° Fahrenheit. A hot water heater may assist to keep the maximum water temp.

The giant betta will definitely get ill in really cool water, as well as might also perish because of this.

The existing in the water needs to be actually really reduced given that the giant betta takes pleasure in water that joins inactive.

The giant betta cannot tolerate hard water. The ideal dGH ( degree of General hardness) of the water in the aquarium should be between 5 and 20.

The giant betta needs water with a pH of between 6.8 and 7.

He will like having plants and rocks in his tank. He likes to hide in concealed spots, and will often be found behind the rocks and in crevices. You may also put one or two pieces of driftwood in the tank.

What Size Aquarium Do They Need?

The giant betta enjoys swimming around freely and needs space to do this. It is recommended to give him a tank with at least 10 gallons of water.

If you want to add more fish to his aquarium, you will need a slightly bigger tank.

Tank Mates

The giant betta male is known to have very aggressive tendencies, so you will need to be very selective when choosing tank mates for him.

The male giant betta will probably attack any other male betta in his tank, but it is possible to add other freshwater fish, as long as they aren’t bigger than him, and don’t have an aggressive nature

Female giant bettas may also be paired up with certain other fish. The male and female giant betta can be placed together in the same tank, but they should be watched carefully for compatibility issues.

A few suggested tank mates for the giant betta are cory catfish, ghost shrimp, guppies, and kuhli loaches.


The giant betta is carnivorous. It enjoys eating meat like bloodworms, shrimp, and mosquito larvae.

Take care certainly not to overfeed your giant betta. Feed small quantities, twice a day.


Similar to most betta fish care, the giant betta only needs limited attention. Follow the guidelines for the tank conditions, and clean the tank regularly, to avoid a build-up of algae.

Check the water parameters regularly and test the minerals in the water, such as calcium and magnesium, on a regular basis.

Breeding the Giant Betta

The giant betta is quite simple to breed. The male fertilizes the eggs after they have been laid by the female. She then keeps them under her fins until they hatch a few days later.

Is the Giant Betta Suitable for Your Aquarium?

The giant betta prefers to be in a tank of his own, rather than part of a shared fish tank. Many fish-keeping enthusiasts like this species, because of its striking appearance as well as attractive colors.

As long as your aquarium meets all its needs to have, you can happily keep a giant betta in your container.




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