Coralife BioCube vs JBJ Nano Cube: All-in-One Tank Comparison

A nano-tank is actually an all-in-one fish tank body. They are actually wonderful for fish tank lovers of all adventure amounts. All-in One reservoirs commonly feature filters and also fish tank physical bodies. Lights and also bonnets begun a lot of devices also. Nano-tank items differ mainly as a result of broad upgrades. This consists of attributes like LED illumination or even fish tank heating systems. Coralife and also JBJ are actually 2 of the best popular companies of nano-tanks. Below, our team match up these companies and also their high-grade devices.

Detailed Overviews

1. Coralife Biocube

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The Coralife BioCube set are actually new and also marine-capable nano-tanks. These aquarium tanks give contemporary, streamlined styles. The frontal sections arc. This produces a solitary glass pane that coils all 4 edges of the tank. This provides onlookers a very clear perspective of the fish tank’s components. Older variations of the BiographyCube carried out certainly not feature LED lightings or even a cooking timer. The 2012 designs incorporated 10,000-hour LED lightings. This agrees with for reduced- to medium-light plant-life. Pre-2016 BiographyCube designs are actually accessible in 14- and also 29-gallons variants. The 2016 BiographyCube variations assess 2-inches taller. These designs exist in 16-and 32-gallons measurements. Moreover, the 2016 LED illumination can easily sustain high-light plant.

The bonnet deals with both the tank and also filter on all designs. This could be difficult for smaller sized fish. It might enable all of them to breach the tank and also filter divider panel. Models coming from 2012 and also on feature a tiny eating door on the front end of the bonnet.

All devices give an integrated filtering body. These filters permit simple start-up and also servicing. All designs feature a completely submersible pump, double consumptions, and also rebound electrical outlet. Moreover, the come back electrical outlet readjusts on the 2016 version. The huge consumption grates are actually certainly not helpful for smaller sized fish. A chemical and also technical filter insert features the 2016 version. A three-section media rack possesses area for added filtering items also. This consists of natural filter elements or even a healthy protein skimmer. Room is actually accessible for an included in-filter heating system in the also. The 2012 and also 2016 BiographyCubes can refugium sales. This is because of the very clear glass filter-to-tank obstacle.

The in reverse being compatible of Coralife containers is actually an additional incentive. These containers make use of some of the Coralife items for retrofits or even upgrades. If you are actually intending on acquiring a BiographyCube, take a look at our quick guide for the leading 6 has to possess BiographyCube devices!

LED Series BiographyCube

  • The 2016 LED BiographyCubes are actually the best existing variations on the marketplace. These BiographyCubes feature a 24-hour LED cooking timer that infiltrates 3 mild patterns. These patterns are composed of time, glittering evening and also color-enhancing settings. A 4-button console makes it possible for managers to schedule the lightweight patterns. The control board performs the leading of the BiographyCube. The automated illumination pattern supplies a sunrise/set and also moonrise/set method. The daybreak and also sundown method takes 30-minutes to accomplish. The moonrise and also moonset method take 60-minutes to pattern by means of. The lightweight patterns reproduce the organic water atmosphere. The The Same Level on the BiographyCubes produce this reef-friendly. The 32-gallon the same level amounts vary coming from 81 to 40. This supplies perfect amounts for coral reefs development.
  • A solitary enthusiast features the LED BiographyCube designs. Some individuals have actually explained these supporters are actually certainly not peaceful. However, directions are actually accessible to update the bonnet enthusiast.
  • PROS

    • Compatible along with all previous BiographyCube devices.
    • Wet/completely dry filtering abilities avoid fatigue
    • The huge filter allows much easier servicing
    • Integrated LED cooking timer creates lightweight command fast and also simple
    • 1-Year Warranty


    • The singular, stock enthusiast might certainly not avoid getting too hot
    • A healthy protein skimmer performs certainly not possessed acquisition. This are going to be actually required for aquatic containers
    • Biological filtering things are actually certainly not consisted of

    2. JBJ Nano Cube

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    The JBJ Nano-Cube family members consists of numerous measurements. All designs are actually new and also marine-life appropriate. The 6-gallon features both florescent daytimes and also LED night-lights. The 8-, 12- and also 24-gallon designs feature florescent lightings simply. There are actually 2 28-gallon designs accessible. The 28-gallon can easily feature florescent or even LED illumination. New, rimless variants are actually likewise accessible in 5-, 8- and also 30-gallons. These perform certainly not feature a lightweight body. All variations, apart from the 8-gallon, been available in cubic type along with bent sections. This allows very clear scenery of tank components. The 8-gallon version is available in a rounded 180-degree design front end along with level back. The level area can easily rest flush versus a wall surface. It can easily likewise rest versus a 2nd 8-gallon tank for a 360-degree perspective.

    The bonnet starts just about the rimless designs. However, it deals with the tank simply. This leaves behind the back filter available. The available filtering location allows total get access to without opening up the bonnet. A little eating door opens up at the front end of the bonnet. Each bonnet consists of enthusiast(s) for raised air flow.

    All LED designs maintain electricity effectiveness in thoughts. The LED devices take in low-energy inputs yet give energetic illumination. The 50,000-hour LEDs emit heat energy result upwards. This aids to stop overheating the tank water.

    Every JBJ Nano-Cube features their 3-stage filtering body. A detachable small filter media container takes out rapidly. It consists of chemical, natural, and also technical filtering.

    JBJ LED Professional SeriesThe LED Intermediate and also Professional set are actually the very best JBJ devices. These are actually 28-gallons each. The Intermediate containers give sunlight for reduced- to medium-light corals reefs. The Professional model enhances illumination for high-light corals reefs. These Nano-Cubes possessed 3 illumination designs. These are actually daytime, dawn/dusk, and also evening. These lightings connect in independently and also perform certainly not auto-cycle by means of. A word of warning pertaining to the lightings. When one LED light bulb burns dies out on a bit of lightings, every one of all of them are going to die out. JBJ Nano-Cube bonnets work simply along with JBJ LED lightweight bits. Therefore, this could be costly to fix. Buyers beware using this since it is actually a well-known concern along with the JBJ brand name.

    Both possessed a very clear filter monitor on the media container. This allows refugium usage. The back filtering location supplies double profit pumps on either edge. There is actually area for an extra in-filter heating system. In enhancement, both variations possessed 4 supporters within the bonnet. This function aids to stop getting too hot. A thermic security sensing unit switches off the LED lightings if the supporters perish. It are going to reboot the illumination the moment water temps are actually risk-free. Again, some individuals have actually suffered unanticipated sounds coming from the supporters.

    Both of these Nano-Cubes possessed an Ocean Pulse Wavemaker. The Wavemaker makes it possible for managers to readjust surge periods. They can easily manage in between 10 secs and also 6 mins. This supplies added air and also flow. It likewise aids avoid area rubbish accumulation.


    • An flexible Ocean Pulse Wavemaker aids develop organic streams
    • The double profit pumps assist develop organic flow throughout the camping tent
    • The illumination concept and also 4 cooling down supporters avoid getting too hot
    • 1-Year Warranty


    • The filtering body is actually challenging to deal with as a result of exactly how slim it is actually
    • To automate lightweight patterns, acquire a home cooking timer
    • The bonnet illumination is actually badly created and also costly to switch out
    • Hood illumination is actually badly created and also costly to switch out
    • A healthy protein skimmer performs certainly not possessed acquisition
    Coralife BiographyCube vs. JBJ Nano Cube – The ComparisonJBJ supplies the flexible Ocean Pulse Wavemaker. This function supplies flow that exceeds the Coralife plan. JBJ supplies double profit streams also. Therefore, JBJ pioneers when it involves flow.

    However, the LED illumination on the Coralife transcends to the JBJ. JBJ possesses a well-known concern along with its own illumination body. With appreciation for consumers, JBJ has actually maximized this concern. After the very first year manufacturer’s warranty, the business is going to certainly not switch out these lightings for you. They are going to certainly not switch out lightings on pre-owned devices. JBJ likewise performs certainly not switch out components if the tank is actually misreaded. Owners profess it took lower than a month for all lightings to fall short after a light bulb perished. To placed it candidly, the majority of managers can easily count on a $350 cost simply to take care of one gone light bulb. That is actually virtually the expense of a new device coming from either business. The LED control board on the Coralife automates all lightweight patterns. JBJ lightings pattern by hand. Overall, Coralife supplies additional worth listed here.

    JBJ bonnets feature 4 supporters. Coralife designs feature one. Both possessed sound criticisms. The Coralife might need to have a follower upgrade. Tutorials revealing inexpensive repairs are actually accessible online. This indicates some tank managers might possess some hands-on job to carry out along with the Coralife. With that, it is vital to keep in mind that supporters set you back considerably lower than the LED substitutes.

    The filtering body is actually similar for both the Coralife and also JBJ. The Coralife come back pump adapts to redirect circulation in any sort of instructions. Each tank supplies area for the enhancement of an in-tank heating system. Both companies give refugium development areas also. Nevertheless, Coralife supplies a much larger filtering location on the whole. This makes it possible for much easier get access to and also additional additionals than the JBJ.

    The inter-compatibility of the Coralife is actually a wonderful function. It makes it possible for all designs to update to a 2016 bonnet body without must purchase a brand-new tank.

    Our Final Pick is actually…The Coralife Biocube! The BiographyCube is actually created along with far better high quality components, possesses a lot less concerns, and also is actually suited along with a better LED lighting fixture. We lately carried out a comparison of the BiographyCube and also IM Nuvo Fusion, of which the BiographyCube succeeded also. Throughout the years, the BiographyCube has actually strengthened greatly and also our team very advise it to amateurs and also specialists identical!

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