Coralife Biocube vs. IM Nuvo Fusion: Best All-In-One Tank

All-In-One containers are actually a wonderful technique for any person to establish coral reef tank promptly and also conveniently.

They supply all the essential components for maintaining corals reefs, elevating fish, and also maintaining a well-balanced tank. When I began my reefing leisure activity, I come up with whatever on my own, punched my very own containers, and also performed many hrs of investigation.

After a couple of years in the leisure activity and also additional issues than I can easily specify, I determined to shift to an All-In-One tank. Let me inform you, this was actually the most ideal selection I ever before created. My tank appears much better, my corals reefs are actually healthier, and also my fish are actually more pleased.

In the globe of All-In-One coral reef containers, pair of arrangements control the room; the Coralife Biocube and also Innovative Marine Nuvo Fusion. Both labels bring in terrific newbie arrangements, however each possess one-of-a-kind weak spots.

Through this quick guide, our team will certainly specify of the durabilities and also weak spots of each arrangements and also aid you bring in a well informed selection regarding which one corrects for you.

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The Coralife BioCubeir?t=masonvan09 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B06X958X7Z

The Coralife Biocube was just one of the very first All-In-One deep sea containers on the market place. Originally created my Oceanic, they were actually being without in a couple of divisions and also possessed some issues. When got through Coralife, the Biocube received a total remodeling. Here is actually a listing of all the components featured in the brand new Coralife Biocube and also what our team think about all of them:

Size Options

The Coralife Biocube All-In-One tank is available in pair of versions; 16 quarts and also 32 quarts. In my point of view, the dimension choices for the Biocube attack straight in the fresh area for amateurs. Previous 10 quart versions were actually as well little, leaving behind little bit of area in the tank and also creating maintenance quite hard. With such little water quantity, previous versions were actually as well susceptible to salinity and also various other specification swings.

The brand new, 16 quart version offers an additional 6 quarts of water quantity, aiding maintain your coral reef tank extra dependable. Personally, I believe that the 16 quart version the excellent mix of dimension, transportability, and also simplicity. The brand new 32 quart Biocube is actually terrific for reefers that are actually seeking a bit additional room. With the 32, you will certainly have the capacity to keep technique extra animals and also bigger fish. The bigger water quantity likewise creates your tank much less susceptible to specification swings. Of training course, the boost in dimension creates the tank more challenging to deliver and also maintain tidy. That is actually a compromise you need to bring in, however, if you wish extra tank room.


Coralife actually improved their activity when creating the brand new Biocube. The brand new LED illumination device is actually a substantial upgrade contrasted to their aged Power Compact illumination.

In the 32 quart version, the same level amounts check out 399 at 2″, 108 at 8″, and also fifty at the tank base. In the 16 quart version, the same level amounts check out 455 at 2″, 159 at 8″, and also 68 at tank base. Depending about what kind of corals reefs you organize to maintain, these the same level amounts need to be actually sufficient. Just ensure to maintain harder corals reefs on top of the tank. Softies including Xenia, GSP, and also Kenya Trees need to be actually great throughout the tank.

Another big perk of the brand new LED device is actually temperature level comtrol. Previous personal computer versions were actually quite susceptible to heating up, which extra coral-keeping quite challenging. The brand new LED version operates a lot cooler and also you need to certainly not possess any type of temperature level concerns. Perhaps the coolest component of the brand new LED Biocube is actually the installed mild cooking timer. The lightings are actually regulated through a 24-hour installed time clock which includes a half an hour dawn and also 60 min sundown setup. This enables a so much more organic feeling and also support corals reefs accustom to your tank.

Filtration, Pumps, and also Extras

Like various other AIO containers, the Coralife Biocube as installed purification in the rear of the tank. Filtration is actually totally personalized, and also Coralife uses lot of upgrades if you wish to take your coral reef tank to the following amount. All previous add-ons are actually fully sympathetically along with the brand new versions. A trendy component of the brand new version is actually the very clear glass back, creating it a whole lot much easier to observe what is actually happening with your purification. It likewise enables an integrated in refugium and also illumination, which could be a video game changer if you wish to maintain excellent water. Nothing support water premium like some macro-algae!

If you wish to take your purification to the following measure, grab an inTank Media Basket. This is actually a fantastic item that provides you various racks, enabling added room in the spine enclosure. These are actually completely incredible, believe me.


  • Doesn’t call for any type of upgrades or even extra investments
  • Upgraded LED device that can easily deal with a selection of reefs kinds
  • 24 hr cooking timer along with installed dawn and also sundown component
  • Customizable purification enclosures
  • Dual consumption and also changeable yield mist nozzles


  • Few consumers mentioned getting containers that were actually broken, however this is actually looked after right away through Coralife. Their customer care is actually rather great.
  • Fans could be a little bit of raucous

The Innovative Marine Nuvo Fusionir?t=masonvan09 20&l=li3&o=1&a=B00B9IO6DE

There is actually certainly regarding it, Innovative Marine creates beautiful containers. The glass is actually incredibly very clear and also the tank possesses a so much more “professional†think than the Biocube. It isn’t understood to become as high as a starter tank, however that carries out certainly not suggest it is actually much better. We will certainly talk about the durabilities and also weak spots of the Nuvo Fusion and also aid you determine if it is actually the right tank for you!

Size Options

The Innovative Marine Nuvo Fusion is available in a selection of various sizes and shapes, enabling coral reef caretakers to pick specifically what they wish. A listing of their measurements are actually as adheres to; 10 quart, twenty quart, 25 quart Lagoon, 30 quart, 40 quart, and also fifty quart Lagoon. Regardless of whether you wish a pico coral reef or even a total dimension coral reef along with large corals reefs, Innovative Marine possesses one thing to accommodate your requirements.

Personally, I enjoy the Nuvo Fusion 10 quart version. Even though little coral reef containers could be difficult to maintain, this tank possesses an incredibly strong and also smooth develop that makes sure to wow. Like all various other versions, glass clearness is actually excellent. All of the IM Nuvo Fusion versions are actually created along with the exact same premium quality, smooth products. Trust me, images don’t perform these containers compensation. The dark background provide the containers an incredibly career really feel and also certainly not the “All-In-One newbie†really feel that lots of people connects with the outdated Biocubes.


I need to mention, Innovative Marine actually left behind a whole lot to become preferred in relation to illumination. The LEDs that include the tank are actually quite feeble and also might simply delight easy-to-keep corals reefs at best. They are actually likewise understood to damage at around the 1-1.5 year result. That being actually claimed, the Nuvo Fusion is actually quite effortless to personalize and also include much better illumination. You can easily acquire simply the tank without the supply LEDs, that makes the arrangement more affordable and also liberates loan to obtain custom-made lightings.

I presently have the Nuvo Fusion twenty quart, which I got tank simply. Instead of the supply IM lightings, I acquired an Aqua Illumination Prime and also I might certainly not be actually more pleased. One Prime was actually sufficient illumination for the corals reefs I desired to maintain and also it is actually totally personalized. I will very advise taking the exact same path as I performed; neglect the supply IM illumination and also devote a little bit of added on an AI Prime. You won’t be actually let down. You can easily review my complete customer review of the artificial intelligence Prime right here.

Filtration, Pumps, and also Extras

Much like the Biocube, the Nuvo Fusion includes a completely personalized back enclosure that houses all the purification products. The 10 quart includes a 92 GPH rebound pump while the twenty quart includes a 211 GPH rebound pump. In my expertise, the rebound pump a type of shabby an can be rather loud, so they might call for an upgrade.

Every Innovative Marine tank happens supply along with a screen leading and also filter belts for the spine enclosure. While these behave add to possess, I actually like the shut leading of the Biocube. The available screen leading of the Nuvo Fusion permits water to dissipate technique much faster, causing turn in salinity and also various other guidelines, particularly in much smaller containers. In my point of view, the screen leading appearances surprisingly smooth, however only calls for a little bit extra job as a result of enhanced dissipation. In completion, you only need to look at if this is actually a compromise you wish to bring in.


  • High premium, reduced iron, ultra very clear glass that makes sure to wow
  • Sleek, modern-day appearance
  • Comes along with screen leading and also filter belts
  • Great service warranty


  • The illumination is actually significantly shortage, you are going to most likely wish to change it if you organize to maintain corals reefs
  • Weak yield pumps that could be loud
  • Requires an excellent volume of upgrades that can easily obtain costly, including illumination and also yield pumps

Winner For The Best All In One Tank Is…

The Coralife Biocube! If you will possess inquired me to compose this customer review in 2014, the Innovative Marine Nuvo Fusion most likely will possess gained. I presently possess a twenty quart Fusion established in my room and also it is actually a wonderful tank. In relations to the much better All-In-One tank, however, the Coralife Biocube gains pass on. It possesses much better components undeniably. The improved LED lightings in the brand new Biocube resolved almost all of the issues that pestered all versions.

Between the flimsy lightings and also the being without yield pumps, the Innovative Marine Nuvo Fusion calls for a lot of upgrades to create it a novice welcoming arrangement. Overall, each tank are actually terrific and also appear wonderful in any type of setup, however the Coralife Biocube gains eventually!

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