Zoster Butterflyfish

Zoster Butterflyfish
Latin name:
(Hemitaurichthys zoster)

Care Level





Black, White



Preferred Conditions

sg 1.020-1.025, 72-78° F, dKH 8-12, pH 8.1-8.4

Avg. Max Size


Minimum Tank Size


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The Zoster Butterflyfish, also known as the Black Pyramid Butterflyfish, is a common sight among the reefs of the Indian Ocean. With a distinct black and white pattern, these fish have a wide vertical white band that covers the middle of the body, and their dorsal fins feature a yellow border at the tips of the white band. These stunning fish are highly visible, making them easy to identify. In addition, the Zoster Butterflyfish is relatively easy to care for, making it a great choice for novice aquarists. With its attractive coloration and hardy characteristics, the Zoster Butterflyfish is a popular choice for many aquariums.

The Zoster Butterflyfish is a beautiful addition to any aquarium, and its shy nature makes it a great choice for many hobbyists. With the right environment, it will be a healthy and active fish. An aquarium of at least 125 gallons is necessary to ensure the health of the Zoster Butterflyfish, and live rock should be provided for shelter and supplemental food sources. Feeding multiple times a day will help keep the Zoster Butterflyfish from picking at delicate corals. Regular water changes and careful monitoring of water parameters are also essential for the Zoster Butterflyfish’s wellbeing. Additionally, it is important to keep the Zoster Butterflyfish in a quiet and peaceful aquarium with plenty of hiding spots.

The Zoster Butterflies diet should consist of frozen and freeze-dried foods containing algae, which are good substitutes and can be supplemented with dried algae and vitamin enriched brine and mysis shrimp.