Yellowfin Borleyi Cichlid

lg 89329 Yellowfin Borleyi
Latin name: (Copadichromis borleyi)

Care Level





Blue, Yellow



Preferred Conditions


Avg. Max Size


Minimum Tank Size

70 gallons



A large aquarium complete with caves and hiding places is essential for the Yellowfin Borleyi Cichlid. An aragonite-based substrate is recommended to keep high pH and alkalinity levels. To further reduce glare in the aquarium, the aragonite should be mixed with or covered by a darker gravel. Additionally, the substrate should be deep enough to allow the cichlid to burrow during breeding time. With the right environment, these fish can thrive and provide a visually stunning addition to your aquarium.

The optimal ratio for success in breeding is three or more females per male. The female will lay her eggs on a flat rock, and the male will then release his sperm to fertilize the eggs. After this, the female will take the eggs in her mouth to protect them until they hatch approximately three weeks later. To ensure the fry are healthy, it is important to provide them with a nutritious diet of newly hatched brine shrimp, daphnia, or crushed flake food. Furthermore, it is important to ensure the tank is clean and free of contaminants that could harm the fry. In conclusion, carefully following these steps will help ensure successful spawning and healthy fry.

The Yellowfin Borleyi Cichlid is an omnivore that feeds upon the sediment covered rocks and wood in nature. Provide a balanced diet of meaty flake, pellet, and frozen foods, as well as dried seaweed and other plant based flake and pellet foods to keep your cichlid healthy and happy.

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