Yellow Pyramid Butterflyfish

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Latin name: (Hemitaurichthys polylepis)

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Black, White, Yellow



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The Yellow Pyramid Butterflyfish is an incredibly popular species among reef aquariums due the its striking coloration and its peaceful nature. It is also highly sought after due to its ease of care, as it is an incredibly hardy species that is able to survive in a variety of conditions. Additionally, its diet of plankton makes it a relatively easy species to care for, as it can be nurtured with a variety of food sources. This hardy and beautiful fish is sure to bring a unique and vibrant touch to any reef aquarium.

This species has a unique appearance and is a great addition to any established aquarium. The Yellow Pyramid Butterflyfish is a hardy species which can adjust to most water conditions, making it an ideal fish for novice aquarists. It is important to note that they should be provided with a tank of at least 125 gallons, as well as plenty of live rock to provide hiding places and a supplemental food source. Additionally, they should be fed multiple times a day to ensure they are receiving enough nutrition and to prevent them from picking at Xenia or other soft corals.

The Yellow Pyramid Butterflyfish can be fed a diet of frozen and freeze-dried foods that contain algae as a good substitute for fresh food. These foods can be supplemented with dried algae and vitamin enriched brine and mysis shrimp.

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