Yellow Multibanded Pipefish EXPERT ONLY

lg 80269 multiband pipefish
Latin name: (Doryrhamphus pessuliferus)

Care Level

Expert Only




Black, Red, White, Yellow



Preferred Conditions

Expert Only

Avg. Max Size


Minimum Tank Size



The Yellow Multibanded Pipefish is uniquely identifiable by its long, slender body, as well as its distinctive yellow and red pattern. The yellow body is adorned with bright red to maroon vertical rings, while the tail is brightly colored with a white tip and yellow dot in the center. This stunning species is an eye-catching addition to any aquatic environment. Furthermore, they are hardy and can tolerate a wide range of water parameters, making them an ideal choice for the home aquarium.

The Yellow Multibanded Pipefish is a hardy species that is well-suited for a mature reef aquarium. It is important to provide plenty of live rock or macroalgae to create a natural environment and to ensure the health of the fish. Nutramar Tigrio Bottled Live Copepods is the ideal diet to start this fish on, complemented by vitamin-enriched live baby brine shrimp; however, live baby brine should not make up the majority of its diet. With a bit of time and patience, the Yellow Multibanded Pipefish may become accustomed to eating frozen CYCLOP-EEZE®, small Mysis, and Nutramar Ova. For a well-balanced diet, it is recommended to offer a variety of foods to promote optimal health and nutrition.

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