Tiger Snapping Shrimp

lg 39413 shrimp
Latin name: (Alpheus bellulus)

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Red, White



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The Snapping Shrimp has a unique sound that is produced from a specialized appendage on its pincher. This sound is created when the pincher is opened and closed, and water is forced through the appendage. This can be easily confused with the sound created by the Mantis Shrimp, however, unlike the Mantis Shrimp, the Snapping Shrimp is not harmful, and is safe to keep in a tank. As such, it can be a beneficial addition to any aquarium, as long as larger inhabitants are not present that may eat the small shrimp. Furthermore, the sound created by the Snapping Shrimp is a unique feature that adds character and charm to any tank.

Symbiotic Shrimp are an excellent addition to any aquarium and provide great entertainment. The shrimp is a master of disguise and can create sand burrows to hide in. Furthermore, the shrimp and goby pair always make for an interesting sight as they work together in the tank. This relationship is a fascinating one that aquarium hobbyists can observe first-hand. Additionally, the shrimp’s burrowing behavior helps to keep the substrate oxygenated, promoting a healthy and balanced tank environment. Lastly, these shrimp are also very hardy and require minimal care, making them a great choice for both novice and experienced aquarists.

Tiger Snapping Shrimp are tolerant of a variety of water conditions, including those with sand, rock caves, and dim light. If in pairs, one shrimp will often stand guard at the burrow while the other is inside. The Pistol Shrimp are intolerant of copper or high nitrate levels, but need a correct level of iodine in the water to promote proper molting.

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