Tiger Oscar

lg Tiger Oscar 39376
Latin name: (Astronotus ocellatus)

Care Level





Black, Orange, Red



Preferred Conditions


Avg. Max Size


Minimum Tank Size

70 gallons



The Tiger Oscar is a highly sought after fish, prized for its striking coloration and impressive size. With the proper care and a spacious environment, it can live up to 8 years in captivity. To ensure the health and longevity of your Tiger Oscar, a 70 gallon aquarium with a deep sand bottom and a few large rocks is essential. Floating plants are a great way to provide protection and coverage while avoiding the issue of uprooting. Additionally, Tiger Oscars can be kept with other large, non-aggressive fish, as they are not overly territorial when full grown.

The Tiger Oscar is an excellent choice for home aquariums and is a relatively simple fish to breed. With the right tank size, water conditions, and nutritional requirements, they are a hardy species that can produce a large brood. To ensure the best results, the tank should contain 100 gallons of clean and clear water, with a temperature between 79-86°F. Additionally, the eggs should be laid on rocks that have been carefully cleaned and the fry should be fed Cyclops once they are free-swimming. Furthermore, it is important to pay attention to the fry, as they may sometimes cling to their parents.

The Tiger Oscar is a carnivore that is a powerful and hearty eater. Oscars will eat a variety of meaty foods, including small fish and earthworms, Cichlid pellets, larger flake food, ocean plankton, bloodworms, and tubifex worms. They are also known to scavenge, so be sure to provide plenty of fresh food for them.

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