Thorny Oyster

lg 89386 scallop
Latin name: (Spondyllus sp.)

Care Level

Expert Only




Red, White, Yellow


Filter Feeder

Preferred Conditions

Expert Only

Avg. Max Size

Minimum Tank Size


The Thorny Oyster is a bivalve mollusk belonging to the clam family. It is an impressive species, measuring up to 4″ in size and sporting a vivid mantle. Its shell is shaped like a scallop, but the Thorny Oyster remains firmly attached to the substrate on the aquarium floor. It does not wander like a scallop, instead preferring to stay in one place. Not only does this species boast a beautiful shell and mantle, but it is also an easy species to maintain in home aquariums. Its peaceful nature makes it a great addition to any tank.

The Thorny Oyster is an ideal addition to any reef aquarium, as it can provide an interesting visual element. Furthermore, it is an excellent choice for any aquarist, as it is reef safe and can be easily quarantined to ensure it is free of protozoan diseases. Additionally, the Thorny Oyster is very sensitive to changes in specific gravity and requires strong water currents, so it is important to monitor these parameters to keep the Thorny Oyster healthy and thriving. Moreover, the shell of the Thorny Oyster is unique and can provide an eye-catching display to any aquarium.

The Thorny Oyster is a filter feeder that depends on the currents in the aquarium to bring its food to it. They should be fed daily with a dissolved, particulate organic substance (like Marine Snow), bacteria and phytoplankton. Provide calcium and alkalinity for best health.

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