Striped Shrimpfish EXPERT ONLY

Latin name: (Aeoliscus strigatus)

Care Level

Expert Only







Preferred Conditions

Expert Only

Avg. Max Size


Minimum Tank Size



The Striped Shrimpfish is a unique species that can bring a lot of interest to a home aquarium. It is important to set up the aquarium correctly in order to keep them healthy and happy. Live rock, macro and micro algae, and plenty of hiding places such as caves and overhangs should all be included in the tank to keep your Shrimpfish content. Moreover, it is essential to only keep the species with like species, such as pipefish and seahorses, as these fish can become stressed if harassed by more aggressive fish. With the correct care, the Striped Shrimpfish can be a fantastic addition to any aquarium. Additionally, it will not harm ornamental invertebrates in a reef setting, making it an ideal choice for reef aquarists as well.

When introducing saltwater feeder shrimp into the aquarium, it is important to ensure that the diet consists of small live invertebrates such as vitamin-enriched brine shrimp, baby guppies, grass shrimp, mosquito larva, and daphnia. Feeding should take place at least three times per day to ensure the fish receive the essential nutrients they require to thrive. Additionally, it is important to vary the feeder shrimp selection to ensure the fish maintain a balanced and nutritious diet. By taking these necessary steps, the fish will be more likely to adjust to the new environment and remain healthy.

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