Strawberry Crab

lg 80267 crab
Latin name: (Liomera sp.)

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The Strawberry Crab, also known as the Red Boxing Crab, is a unique species that is endemic to the pristine waters of Hawaii. They boast a striking pink coloration, with many small white spots decorating their exoskeleton. Their front claws are noteworthy for their unique adaptation: the inside of the hinge is flat and blunt, making it easy for the crab to feed on algae. This adaptation is why the Strawberry Crab has become a popular species among hobbyists. Additionally, the Strawberry Crab is quite hardy, making it easy to care for in home aquariums.

The Strawberry Crab is an experienced member of any cleaning crew, with a peaceful nature and an appetite for uneaten food. They are also an ideal choice for an invertebrate-friendly saltwater aquarium, as they are both personable and capable of controlling unwanted algae growth. Additionally, they get along well with other invertebrates and fish, making them a perfect addition to any tank. With their hardworking and laid-back demeanor, the Strawberry Crab is an excellent addition to any aquarium.

A lack of algae in the aquarium can be due to a number of reasons, including insufficient food and water changes, improper water chemistry, or a lack of light. If you’re noticing a decline in the aquarium’s algae population, it might be best to supplement the diet with both herbivorous and meaty foods in order to increase the population.

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