Staghorn Hermit Crab EXPERT ONLY

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Latin name: (Manucomplanus varians)

Care Level

Expert Only





Filter Feeder, Herbivore, Plankton Eater

Preferred Conditions

Expert Only

Avg. Max Size


Minimum Tank Size



The Staghorn Hermit Crab is an ideal addition to any reef aquarium due to its hardiness and unique branching shell. Its shell resembles the Acropora SPS coral, and is covered with hydroids and bryozoans. As a result, special care is required for this shell to maintain its health. In addition, it is important to note that this crab may not be able to right itself if it were to fall on its back, and may be stung and damaged by corals and anemones in the aquarium. Therefore, it is essential to provide a secure environment for the crab to inhabit. Additionally, it is important to ensure that the Staghorn Hermit Crab has plenty of available food, as this will help it thrive and remain healthy.

Staghorn hermits require a specialized habitat to thrive, so a biotope system or refugium is an ideal environment for them. It’s important that the crabs’ shells do not come in contact with stinging corals and anemones, as they may damage the crab’s soft tissue. The crabs should be fed a diet of mainly algae, but if there is not enough in the tank, it should be supplemented with live or prepared plankton foods, as well as dried seaweed. Additionally, these crabs should be kept with other filter feeding invertebrates to provide a balanced and healthy habitat. Finally, regular water changes are essential to keep these crabs healthy.

The approximate purchase size for this product is 3/4″-1-1/2″.

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