Speckled Fowler Cardinalfish

Latin name: (Fowleria sp.)

Care Level





Black, Green, Tan



Preferred Conditions


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Minimum Tank Size



The Speckled Fowler Cardinalfish is a unique and rare species that is native to Cebu. They have evolved remarkable camouflage abilities due to their irregular brown and black markings; with their distinctive eyes and black spot just behind the gill plate, they are able to effectively avoid predators. With the proper care, these cardinals can make a great addition to any aquarium. Furthermore, these fish have a life expectancy of up to 5 years and are easy to care for, making them an ideal choice for any aquarist.

This species of fish is well-suited to a peaceful community tank. They should be provided with plenty of hiding places, such as caves and plants, to help them feel secure and at ease in their environment. A 30-gallon or larger aquarium is ideal for a small group of this species, where they will establish a strict hierarchy without aggressiveness. Additionally, they may use long spined urchins for camouflage to provide them with additional security. With the right environment, these slow and methodical swimmers can thrive in a home aquarium.

The Speckled Fowler Cardinalfish is a carnivorous fish and requires a well balanced diet that includes meaty foods such as feeder shrimp, flake foods, pellet foods, marine flesh, bloodworms, and depending on its size, live feeder fish.

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