Red/Blue Columbian Tetra

lg 89964 Red Blue Columbian Tetra
Latin name: (Hyphessobrycon colimbianus)

Care Level





Blue, Red



Preferred Conditions


Avg. Max Size


Minimum Tank Size

10 gallons



In addition to the 20-gallon aquarium, the Red/Blue Columbian Tetra also requires rocks and driftwood to replicate its natural habitat. Furthermore, water should be soft and slightly acidic with high filtration to keep the fish healthy and stress-free. To ensure adequate water quality, regular water changes and testing should be performed. Proper maintenance of the aquarium should be done to keep the environment conducive to the aquatic life. Additionally, a filter should be chosen carefully to provide optimal filtration.

Red/Blue Columbian Tetras are a great addition to any aquarium and will breed occasionally in the right environment. To encourage breeding, it’s important to provide slightly acidic water and a separate hospital or “breeding tank”. Once the eggs have been laid, it’s important to remove the parents as they may consume the eggs or fry. Additionally, water quality should remain high with regular water changes to ensure that the fry have the best chance of survival. Furthermore, it is important to provide plenty of hiding places for the fry to seek refuge.

These fish can also be kept in an aquarium with other small tropical fish or in a community aquarium with other non-tetra fish.

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