Pollenei Grouper

lg 89413 polleni grouper
Latin name: (Cephalopholis polleni)

Care Level







Preferred Conditions


Avg. Max Size

1' 2"

Minimum Tank Size

250 gallons


The Pollenei Grouper, also known as the Harlequin Rockcod or Harlequin Hind, is a remarkably stunning fish with a vibrant green and yellow body and bright yellow-tipped dorsal and anal fins. Its body is further highlighted by a line of blue along its edges. This species is a rare find in the trade, making it an ideal addition to a saltwater fish-only aquarium. Its impressive coloration and vibrant personality provide an eye-catching addition to any tank. Additionally, the Pollenei Grouper is relatively hardy, making it a great option for beginner aquarists.

A 250-gallon or larger aquarium is required for the successful keeping of this fish due to its size and feeding habits. It is an extremely aggressive species and should not be kept with other fish or invertebrates, as it will likely consume them. Furthermore, regular feeding and water quality maintenance are necessary to ensure the health and wellbeing of this fish. To provide a safe and suitable environment, any potential tank mates should be larger and more aggressive than this species. Additionally, it is important to monitor the fish’s activity and feeding habits to ensure it is receiving the appropriate nutrition.

The Pollenei Grouper is a large fish that prefers a diet of meaty foods.

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