Panda Goby

lg 80605 panda goby
Latin name: (Paragobius lacunicolus)

Care Level





Black, White, Yellow



Preferred Conditions


Avg. Max Size


Minimum Tank Size

10 gallons



This species requires a substantial amount of care, so it’s important to ensure that the aquarium is well-maintained. It is also essential that the water parameters remain stable, as this species is sensitive to changes in temperature and pH. Additionally, regular water changes should be performed to keep the water quality at its best. With the right care and environment, the Pocillopora coral can be a great addition to any aquarium.

The Panda Goby’s diet should consist of a variety of small, meaty foods such as brine shrimp, minced frozen mysis shrimp, and other frozen food preparations for carnivores. It is important to feed a variety of foods to the Panda Goby to ensure a balanced diet. When feeding, be sure to monitor the amount of food to prevent overfeeding, as this can cause water quality issues. Additionally, it’s important to research the specific food requirements of the Panda Goby to ensure they receive the appropriate nutrition. Furthermore, high-quality pellets may also be provided as a source of nutrition. Finally, it is important to feed the Panda Goby several times a day in small portions to ensure they are receiving the necessary nutrition to stay healthy.

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