Orangetail Blue Damselfish

lg 70327 Orangetail Blue
Latin name: (Chrysiptera cyanea)

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Blue, Orange



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The Orangetail Blue Damselfish is a stunningly beautiful fish with a vibrant blue and orange color pattern. Its hardiness and active nature make it an ideal candidate for a saltwater aquarium. This fish is not only an interesting addition to any aquarium, but it also helps to create a balanced, healthy environment. Additionally, its ability to quickly darken and lighten its color is a unique and fascinating trait. The Blue Damselfish is a highly rewarding and exciting fish to keep.

The Orangetail Blue Damselfish is a great choice for saltwater aquariums and is especially suitable for beginners. It is recommended to keep one specimen per 30 gallons, and as the specimen matures, it may become territorial and aggressive. To reduce aggression, provide plenty of hiding places for multiple damselfish to break up their territories. It is also important to note that the Orangetail Blue Damselfish may not be compatible with other species that require peaceful community living. Furthermore, its presence in a reef or invertebrate tank should be carefully considered before adding it to the tank.

The Orangetail Blue Damselfish should have a diet that consists of flaked and frozen foods, and herbivore preparations.

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