Orange and Black Dragonet

lg 90028 fingered dragonet
Latin name: (Dactylopus kuiteri)

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Black, Tan



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The Orange and Black Dragonet is a stunning and sought-after species of fish that is quite hardy and well-suited for the home aquarium. With proper care, it can live for 8 years or longer. To ensure that the tank is suitable for this species, the aquarium should be a minimum of 50 gallons, with plenty of live rock for cover and grazing. Additionally, live sand should be used for the substrate, and any other species placed in the tank should be peaceful and docile. Furthermore, it is recommended to introduce all of the dragonets into the aquarium at the same time.

The Orange and Black Dragonet is an active and curious fish that is sure to bring life to any reef aquarium. They should be provided with a well-established aquarium that contains plenty of live rock, as this will provide them with a natural diet of small crustaceans. Brine shrimp, bloodworms, glassworms, and other small invertebrates may be offered daily to supplement their diet, ensuring that they get all the nutrients they need. It is important to note that these fish are slow-moving and deliberate feeders, so they should not have to compete with aggressive feeders for food. By providing them with a balanced diet and a peaceful environment, they will thrive and bring beauty to the aquarium.

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