Nerite Snail

lg 90192 Nerite Snail
Latin name: (Nerita sp.)

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Black, Green, Tan



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This species of snail is the ideal choice for a reef aquarium, as it will not cause any damage to corals or rockwork, and it is unlikely to overgrow its tank. In addition, the Nerite Snail is a great film algae eater and will feed on algae, cyanobacteria, and diatoms when living rock is available. It is, however, sensitive to high levels of copper-based medications and should not be subjected to high nitrate levels. To ensure the snail’s wellbeing, aquarists should provide ample hiding places and space for the snail to forage. With the proper care, the Nerite Snail will thrive in an aquarium environment.

The Nerite Snail is a unique species, as it does not have any distinguishing characteristics to help differentiate males from females. Its gender identification is therefore solely based on the observation of egg-laying behaviors or through genetic testing. However, this species is known for its hardy and long-lived nature, making it a great addition to any freshwater aquarium. Additionally, its algae-eating habits can help maintain a balanced and healthy tank environment. With proper care, the Nerite Snail can often live up to 3 years or more. Furthermore, the Nerite Snail is a peaceful creature, making them a good choice to be kept in a community tank.

The approximate purchase size for this product is 1/2″ to 1″.

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