Neon Wrasse

lg 80598 Neon Juvenile
Latin name: (Halichoeres garnoti)

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Black, Blue, Yellow



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The Neon Wrasse is a species of fish found in the Western Atlantic, ranging from Bermuda to southern Brazil. They are a reef-associated species, commonly found on shallow and deep reefs, as well as rocky ledges. The presence of this species in an aquarium has been known to increase the overall biodiversity of a tank as they act as natural cleaners by eating parasites and dead tissue from other fish. They can also act as a form of natural pest control by eating small invertebrates such as bristleworms. The Neon Wrasse is an active species that will bring life and color to your aquarium!

The ideal setup for the Neon Wrasse will be a well-filtered, established saltwater aquarium of at least 75 gallons in size with a tight-fitting lid. To best recreate a natural reef environment for your Neon Wrasse, aquascape liberally with live rock, providing ample nooks and crannies for your Neon Wrasse to explore, seek refuge, or forage for food. Be sure to include a large area of open substrate as well as open spaces for swimming. A sandy substrate layer 2-3 inches in depth is essential to provide shelter for the Neon Wrasse as it burrows into the sand for the evening or when frightened. House the Neon Wrasse with other peaceful wrasses, including members of its own species. The Neon Wrasse is peaceful towards other fish, but are territorial, bordering on aggressive with conspecifics, so it is best to keep one Neon Wrasse per aquarium.

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