Neon Damselfish

lg 70288 neon damselfish
Latin name: (Pomacentrus alleni)

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Blue, Green, Orange



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The Neon Damselfish, or Pomacentrus coelestis, is a slender, neon blue fish with a striking blending of yellow near the bottom of its body and extending into the anal fin. It is a beautiful species that is easily identified in the wild. It is also a resilient species and can thrive in a variety of habitats. Furthermore, it is an ideal fish for aquarists due to its ease of care. Its bright colors make it an attractive addition to any aquarium. With the proper diet and environment, Neon Damselfish can live many years in captivity.

This semi-aggressive fish is an excellent addition to any home aquarium, especially those 20 gallons or larger. With the right environment and appropriate companions, it can live a long and healthy life. Additionally, this fish requires plenty of hiding places to feel secure and safe in its environment. Furthermore, providing these hiding places is essential for the wellbeing of the fish and the overall success of the aquarium. To ensure a stress-free environment for all the inhabitants, it is important to provide appropriate companions for the fish that are compatible with its temperament.

The Neon Damselfish diet should include a balanced mix of fresh and salt water fish, plant-based foods, and dried foods.

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