Mccullochi Dottyback

lg 89295 Male McCullochi Ps
Latin name: (Cypho purpurescens)

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Purple, Red



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The Mccullochi Dottyback is a beautiful and rare species of Pseudochromis, native to the reefs of the Coral Sea. The males are distinguished by their elongated, bright red body with purple accents on both the fins and edging its scales, and the females feature a combination of purple, red, and yellow hues. These fish are highly sought-after by aquarists for their striking coloration and ease of care, making them an ideal inhabitant for any saltwater fish only or reef aquarium. In addition, the Mccullochi Dottyback is a peaceful and hardy species, able to thrive in a variety of water parameters. With the right care, these fish can be a vibrant and long-lasting addition to any home aquarium.

The Mccullochi Dottyback is an excellent choice for both beginner and experienced aquatic hobbyists. It is a hardy and peaceful fish that thrives in a saltwater aquarium with ample live rock and hiding places. Furthermore, its diet consists of a variety of foods, including supplemental nutrition from the live rock, making it a great addition to any reef aquarium. In addition, it is a great fish for controlling bristleworm populations. Only house one pair of this species per aquarium, unless the aquarium is very large, and they are acclimated at the same time. Therefore, a minimum of 30-gallons is recommended for a single pair.

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