Lyretail Guppy, Male

lg Lyretail Guppy 89305
Latin name: (Poecilia reticulata)

Care Level





Green, Red, White, Yellow



Preferred Conditions


Avg. Max Size


Minimum Tank Size

10 gallons



The Lyretail Guppy is a truly remarkable fish, derived through years of selective breeding to produce the unique lyre-shaped tail. This guppy variety is highly variable in its coloration, with a pale silver-gray body contrasted by vibrant patches of green, yellow, and red. This beautiful fish offers an exciting addition to any freshwater aquarium, providing plenty of colour and character to brighten up its surroundings. With its hardy nature and ease of care, the Lyretail Guppy is an ideal choice for novice aquarists and experienced hobbyists alike. Furthermore, it is an excellent choice for those looking to breed guppies, as its hardy genetics ensure easy propagation and healthy offspring.

The Lyretail Guppy is a great choice for those starting out in the aquarium hobby. It is a very peaceful fish, so it should be housed with other tankmates of similar temperament. It is also quite hardy and able to tolerate small changes in water parameters, so caring for it does not require too much effort. With regular testing and maintenance, it is easy to keep water temperature, pH, and nutrient levels in check. The minimum aquarium size requirement of 10 gallons makes the Lyretail Guppy an ideal choice for small aquariums. It is an energetic fish that will add life and beauty to any tank.

Guppies are relatively easy to breed, and they will thrive in an aquarium with a covering of floating plants and a breeding box to protect the fry. Adults may eat the fry if left to fend for themselves, so it is important to provide them with food and a breeding box. The fry should be fed brine shrimp, micro food, and pulverized flakes.

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