Little Spinefoot

lg 90060 little spinefoot
Latin name: (Siganus spinus)

Care Level





Green, Tan, Yellow



Preferred Conditions


Avg. Max Size


Minimum Tank Size

70 gallons



The Little Spinefoot, also known as the Black Spinefoot, can be found in the Indo-West Pacific. It has a distinctively oblong body with rigid spines in both its dorsal and anal fins. The fish has a tan to gold coloration and is covered in darker camouflage markings, making it difficult to spot among the reefs. This species is a schooling fish, often found in large groups. Confidently, the Little Spinefoot is a unique species that is well-adapted to its environment. Additionally, its coloration and markings allow it to blend in and stay safe from predators.

Rabbitfish are ideal for aquariums that are well established, as they require plenty of live rock to graze on. It is important to provide them with a varied diet of meaty foods and herbivore preparations. This species is very hardy and is an ideal species for those new to keeping marine fish. With the proper conditions and nutrition, Little Spinefoot can live for a number of years in the home aquarium. Moreover, this fish is relatively easy to care for and maintain, and its colors and behavior make it a beautiful addition to any tank. As an added bonus, Rabbitfish are very responsive to their owners and can be trained to take food from their hands.

The reef shark is known to nip and possibly eat some soft and hard coral polyps, but it generally avoids close contact with other coral species.

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