Lineatus Fairy Wrasse

lg 89159 Lineatus Fairy Male
Latin name: (Cirrhilabrus lineatus)

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Blue, Orange, Yellow



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The Lineatus Fairy Wrasse is an excellent fish for the reef aquarium, with its peaceful and active nature, as well as its ability to cohabit with corals and invertebrates. This wrasse is sure to bring vibrancy and life to aquariums of 90 gallons or larger. Furthermore, due to its tendency to jump, it is advised to ensure a tight fitting canopy is in place. Additionally, because of its peaceful temperament, the Lineatus Fairy Wrasse can be kept with other species without any difficulty.

The Lineatus Fairy Wrasse has a varied diet that should include vitamin enriched frozen mysis shrimp, vitamin enriched frozen brine shrimp, and other meaty foods. In addition, it is essential to offer a high quality marine flake and marine pellet food for a balanced diet and optimal health. As part of a healthy diet, it is recommended to feed the Lineatus Fairy Wrasse small portions multiple times a day. Furthermore, it is important to avoid overfeeding, as this can lead to health issues.

If you are looking for an approximate purchase size, the Small, Medium, and Large sizes are all approximately 1-1/2″ to 2-1/2″. The XLarge size is approximately 3-1/2″ to 4″.

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