Koi Angelfish

lg 89611 Koi Angle
Latin name: (Pterophyllum sp.)

Care Level





Black, White



Preferred Conditions


Avg. Max Size


Minimum Tank Size

30 gallons



The Koi Angelfish is an astonishing breed of angelfish, bred for its striking black and white coloration and potential gold markings on its head. The young specimens may have a red hue beneath the eyes that fades with age, making them even more interesting to observe. As with Koi, the coloration of each fish is unique, making each one a one-of-a-kind specimen. These angelfish make beautiful additions to any aquarium, and are sure to be the highlight of any display. Furthermore, their low-maintenance care needs make them ideal for any fish keeper.

This peaceful fish is best kept in a school of at least 6 of its own kind. It prefers a well-planted aquarium of at least 30 gallons with soft, slightly acidic water. To create a natural environment for the fish, rocks and driftwood can be added to the aquarium, but be sure to leave plenty of open swimming space. It is important to provide the fish with plenty of hiding places, such as hollow logs, or caves made from rocks, to reduce stress and promote the natural behaviors of the fish. Additionally, the aquarium should be equipped with a reliable filtration system to ensure the water is kept clean.

It is best to house a number of Koi Angels in the same aquarium until they pair off. After a pair has developed, a flat surface needs to be provided where the eggs can be laid. A piece of slate, a large plant leaf, or even a flowerpot should be positioned at an angle of about 30 degrees in an area of moderate water flow. The female will lay the eggs and the male will follow behind to fertilize. After approximately three days, the eggs will hatch and the fry will emerge. Feed the fry newly hatched brine shrimp until they are large enough to accept crushed flake food.

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