Japanese Snapping Shrimp

lg 80428 shrimp
Latin name: (Alpheus bisincisus)

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Blue, Orange, Purple, Yellow



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The Snapping Shrimp is an interesting and unique creature to have in an aquarium, and its distinct sound is easily recognizable. In addition to its sound, it is a peaceful creature and will not cause any harm to the other livestock in the tank. Furthermore, if compatible with a shrimp goby, they can form a symbiotic relationship and become a beneficial addition to the tank. Therefore, it is important to research compatibility when introducing the Snapping Shrimp to an aquarium.

Japanese Snapping Shrimp are a fascinating species. They have a unique relationship with their environment and even with each other, as demonstrated by the guard-and-burrow behavior. Furthermore, the water in their environment must be carefully maintained to provide the correct level of iodine for proper molting. It is important to keep nitrate and copper levels low to ensure their health and comfort. With the right care, these shrimp can be a great addition to any aquarium. Additionally, it is important to maintain the correct pH levels and temperature to ensure the shrimp’s well-being.

Snapping shrimp are great scavengers and can eat just about anything including freeze-dried and frozen foods, as well as algae in the aquarium.

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