Jackknife Fish

lg 89402 Jackknife Fish
Latin name: (Equetus lanceolatus)

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The Jackknife Fish is a fascinating species originating from the Caribbean Sea. Its long dorsal and caudal fins form a unique shape that resembles a Jackknife, thus leading to its common name. This fish species is silver in color with a distinctive black barred pattern. It is an excellent addition to a saltwater fish only aquarium, however, it should not be housed in a reef tank due to its potential for destruction. These fish can be easy to care for with the right environment and diet, making them a great choice for experienced aquarists. Additionally, they are known to be quite active and visually stunning, making them a great addition to your tank.

This species of fish will thrive in a peaceful community with plenty of cover and plenty of food. The aquarium should be 125-gallons or larger with a sandy bottom and plenty of live rock. Adding multiple fish should be done at the same time to reduce the chance of aggression. The fish will likely hide during the acclimation process until it feels safe and secure. This species may consume crustaceans in the reef aquariums, so it is important to keep an eye on the population. It is also important to supplement their diet with prepared foods to ensure optimal health.

Regular meals consisting of a variety of live and prepared items will help bring out the Jackknife fish. The Jackknife fish will look for worms, crustaceans, and small fish if it is hungry. It may even eat the occasional fireworm.

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