Gold Mystery Snail

Latin name: (Pomacea sp.)

Care Level








Preferred Conditions


Avg. Max Size


Minimum Tank Size

10 gallons



This Gold Inca Snail is a unique and fascinating creature, native to South America. It is an excellent addition to any aquarium and is highly recommended for those seeking a low-maintenance, peaceful pet. This snail species is easy to care for and provides a colorful addition to any tank. It is also very hardy and does not require a great deal of attention. The Gold Inca Snail will bring a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere to any aquarium. Additionally, its striking gold and black stripes make it an eye-catching addition to any tank.

Members of the Ampullariidae family are highly adaptable, making them one of the most successful species of freshwater snails. They have evolved the ability to live in a variety of environments and are renowned for their ability to reproduce rapidly. The female snails have especially evolved to be larger than the males, allowing them to lay their eggs more efficiently. The eggs can hatch in as little as two weeks, with the young snails able to eat the same foods as the adults. This combination of adaptability, rapid reproduction, and efficient egg-laying makes the Ampullariidae family an incredibly successful species of freshwater snails.

Pomacea sp. can consume a variety of food items, including algae, plants, vegetables, flake food, frozen foods, and live foods.

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