Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish

lg 72901 Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish
Latin name: (Dendrochirus brachypterus)

Care Level





Black, Red, White



Preferred Conditions


Avg. Max Size


Minimum Tank Size

50 gallons


A 50 gallon or larger aquarium with numerous hiding places is an ideal habitat for the Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish. This provides the fish with the necessary privacy to acclimate to its new environment. Additionally, it is important to note that the top spines of the Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish are venomous and can cause reactions similar to a bee sting. Despite the potential danger, the Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish is a personable fish that quickly recognizes and responds to its owners presence. Furthermore, this fish is known to be highly interactive and can easily be trained to recognize its owners.

The Dwarf Lionfish is a majestic species that is hardy and easy to care for when properly acclimated to its environment. When introducing them to the aquarium, the use of live saltwater feeder shrimp is a great way to encourage them to eat. Their diet consists of meaty foods, like live shrimp, live fish, and crustacean flesh. Additionally, it is important to provide a variety of food sources and vary the diet to ensure optimal health. Moreover, it is beneficial to feed them several times a week, preferably at the same time each day.

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