Fingered Dragonet

Latin name: (Dactylopus dactylopus)

Care Level





Blue, Green, Tan, White



Preferred Conditions


Avg. Max Size


Minimum Tank Size

70 gallons



The Fingered Dragonet is an incredibly striking fish. It stands out among other fish for its remarkable, large dorsal fin. The fish is mottled in browns and white, and the head and gill area are accentuated with bright blue spots, adding a brilliant contrast. This is an uncommon find in the industry and would make a captivating addition to any reef aquarium. With its undeniable beauty and unique features, the Fingered Dragonet is sure to be a spectacular standout in your tank. Furthermore, its close relation to the Scooter Blenny, gives it an unique ancestral quality.

A 70-gallon or larger reef aquarium coupled with a refugium is the perfect setup for the Mother Sailfin Dragonet. Live sand substrate, docile inhabitants, and plenty of live rock are essential components for the ideal habitat. Additionally, they require live foods found within the live rock, so the refugium will help provide the necessary nutrition. It is important to note that if more than one of its species is kept, they should all be introduced to the aquarium simultaneously. Furthermore, the established aquarium should have an adequate filtration system in place to ensure the water remains stable.

The Fingered Dragonet is a difficult fish to keep due to its feeding habits. They need large amounts of live rock in which they find their micro-crustacean food. Finely cut meaty foods and mysis shrimp may be acceptable substitutes.

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