Fighting Conch

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Latin name: (Strombus spp.)

Care Level






Detritus, Omnivore

Preferred Conditions


Avg. Max Size


Minimum Tank Size



The Fighting Conch is an ideal addition for hobbyists looking for an attractive and hardy invertebrate for their aquarium. Not only does it require minimal maintenance, but it is also suited for aquariums of any size. Furthermore, its voracious appetite makes it an excellent scavenger and an ideal addition to any reef tank. To ensure that the Fighting Conch has the best possible environment, regular supplemental feeding is recommended. This will not only help to keep the invertebrate healthy, but it will also allow it to thrive.

The Fighting Conch is an amazing addition to any aquarium and provides a unique and interesting visual dynamic. Its diet is quite easy to maintain, as it is an omnivore and will consume a variety of foods. It is important to provide regular supplements of fresh fish, dried seaweed, and high quality frozen foods to ensure that it receives the nutrition it needs. Additionally, it is important to note that Fighting Conchs are very sensitive to nitrate and copper, and should not be exposed to copper-based medications. With the right care and diet, the Fighting Conch will thrive in any aquarium.

Approximate purchase size for Asia and Tonga is 1″ to 2″; for USA, 2″ to 4″.

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