Electric Flame Scallop EXPERT ONLY

lg 79180 scallop
Latin name: (Lima sp.)

Care Level

Expert Only






Filter Feeder

Preferred Conditions

Expert Only

Avg. Max Size

Minimum Tank Size


This Electric Flame Scallop is a great addition to any mature reef aquarium system, as it is a peaceful filter feeder that doesn’t require much attention. It tolerates other animals that do not try to eat it, and when threatened it is able to protect itself by clapping its valves together and propelling itself through the water. To ensure its health, proper calcium and alkalinity levels must be maintained, as well as providing it with a floating source of micro-plankton. It is also important to avoid using nitrates or copper-based medications in its environment. With the right conditions, this Electric Flame Scallop is sure to add a vibrant and interesting addition to your aquarium. Additionally, it is easy to care for and can be kept in groups.

The Electric Flame Scallop (Ctenocella pectinia) is an interesting and unique addition to any marine aquarium. To ensure it is well-fed and healthy, this species needs to be fed daily. It is important to feed the Electric Flame Scallop individually, using a small pipette or straw to dispense the food upstream of its location. Supplementation with phytoplankton and organic foods such as Marine Snow or Selcon should also be included as part of its diet. With consistent and proper feeding, the Electric Flame Scallop can thrive in a marine aquarium. Additionally, regular water changes should be done to maintain optimal water quality.

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