Delhezi Bichir

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Latin name: (Polypterus delhezi)

Care Level





Black, White



Preferred Conditions


Avg. Max Size

1' 2"

Minimum Tank Size

50 gallons



The Delhezi Bichir is an incredibly resilient species, with the ability to survive for short periods of time out of water. It is well adapted to aquatic life, having a lung-like paired swim bladder and gills to aid respiration. This fish has a distinct appearance, with a silver/grey body and black vertical bars covering the back. Additionally, it is characterized by its snakelike shape and smaller than usual mouth. All in all, the Delhezi Bichir is a remarkable species of fish, with a unique set of features that set it apart from other members of its family.

The Delhezi Bichir is an excellent fish for a large, “oddball” aquarium. With plenty of open swimming areas, rocks, and crevices, the Delhezi Bichir will not usually be aggressive toward its tankmates. This species may be semi-aggressive and is capable of swallowing any fish or invertebrate that it can fit in its mouth, but is usually passive towards other large fish. Therefore, an aquarium of greater than 100 gallons is recommended if you plan to include more than one Delhezi Bichir. It is important to provide a secure lid to prevent jumping by this species. All in all, the Delhezi Bichir makes an interesting and unique addition to any aquarium. With its peaceful nature and active swimming, the Delhezi Bichir is sure to add interest to your tank.

Breeding in the hobbyist’s aquarium setting is not common because eggs are deposited on clumps of vegetation.

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