Cuban Hogfish

lg 76554 cuban hogfish
Latin name: (Bodianus pulchellus)

Care Level





Orange, Red, Yellow



Preferred Conditions


Avg. Max Size


Minimum Tank Size

125 gallons



This hardy fish is an excellent choice for the aquarium setting, as it is tolerant of a wide range of water conditions. It is also a peaceful species and is unlikely to cause any aggression towards other tankmates. For these reasons, the Cuban Hogfish is a great choice for the novice aquarist with a large tank. Furthermore, this species is not only docile and safe with other animals such as invertebrates, but it is also known as an easy-to-care-for fish that requires little maintenance. With adequate tank size, the Cuban Hogfish is sure to be a beautiful addition to any aquarium.

The Cuban Hogfish is a mature adult species that is known to feed on a variety of prey, such as snails, worms, mussels, small fish, shrimp, and squid. This species is highly adaptable and is capable of thriving in a range of aquatic environments. Its ability to hunt and consume a wide array of prey makes it a valuable addition to many reef ecosystems. Additionally, its majestic colors and interesting behavior can make it a stunning addition to an aquarium. With proper care, the Cuban Hogfish can be a long-lived and enjoyable pet. Furthermore, it is important to note that the Cuban Hogfish can be quite aggressive towards other fish, so it is best to house it in a tank with plenty of space.

When choosing a purchase size, remember that the larger the size, the more fabric you will need.

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