Catalina Goby EXPERT ONLY

lg 71003 Catalina Goby
Latin name: (Lythrypnus dalli)

Care Level

Expert Only




Blue, Orange, Red



Preferred Conditions

Expert Only

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Minimum Tank Size



The Catalina Goby is an incredibly unique species in that it exhibits a remarkable level of reproductive flexibility. Furthermore, its reproductive behavior is an impressive example of adaptation for survival. Additionally, the male Catalina Goby is responsible for the protection and care of the eggs until they hatch, exhibiting a strong level of parental care. This species is a prime example of the wonders of nature, and is an integral part of the marine ecosystem.

This hardy species is an excellent choice for reef aquariums with dedicated chillers. The Catalina Goby is an ideal candidate for a refugium as well, as it can feed on the detritus and organisms that inhabit the refugium. Properly caring for the Catalina Goby will ensure a healthy and long-lived inhabitant of your reef aquarium. Additionally, the Catalina Goby is an ideal fish to have in your tank due to its peaceful nature. With regular maintenance, it can provide a colorful and active presence in your tank for many years to come.

The Catalina Goby is a hardy fish that is easy to feed in captivity. It will accept almost any small, meaty prepared or frozen food. The diet can include frozen mysis shrimp, CYCLOP-EEZE®, and vitamin-enriched brine shrimp. Once accustomed to the aquarium, the Catalina Goby will also accept sinking pellets or flake foods.

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