Brittle Sea Star, Red

lg 89640 sea star
Latin name: (Ophiocoma sp.)

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Red, White



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This small, bottom-dwelling fish is a nocturnal species, typically hiding under rocks during the day and foraging for detritus, left-over food and small organisms at night. As it is sensitive to copper-based medications, it is important to be mindful of this when medicating tank inhabitants. Furthermore, if you plan to keep this species in your tank, you should ensure that the environment is conducive to its needs and that there is an ample amount of food available for it at night.

The Red Brittle Sea Star is a species known for its extreme sensitivity to changes in water chemistry, primarily oxygen levels, salinity, and pH. As such, it is highly recommended to utilize the drip acclimation method when introducing the Sea Star to its new environment. Furthermore, it is important to never expose the Sea Star to air while handling it, and copper-based medications should be avoided at all costs. By following these simple steps, you can ensure the health and well-being of your Red Brittle Sea Star. Additionally, it is important to maintain consistent parameters in the tank, as any sudden changes can prove to be fatal.

A varied diet of frozen mysis and brine shrimp is essential to providing the optimal environment for your fish. Very finely chopped shrimp and mussels also provide nutrients and minerals your fish need.

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