Brittle Sea Star, Fancy

lg 89385 seastar
Latin name: (Ophiure protoreaster)

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The Fancy Brittle Star is an excellent addition to an established saltwater aquarium, as it requires plenty of live rock for hiding during the day. Its nocturnal nature means that it will come out at night to feed on detritus and small organisms. You should be careful never to use copper-based medications in its tank, as the Fancy Brittle Star is particularly sensitive to copper and cannot tolerate it. Additionally, this species is hardy and resilient, making it a great choice for beginners in the hobby. Furthermore, it is an attractive species that adds a unique flair to a tank.

I highly recommend feeding a variety of foods to ensure a healthy and balanced diet for your aquarium. High-quality frozen, freeze-dried, or live foods are all excellent options. Additionally, I suggest researching which foods are best suited for the species of fish you have in your aquarium. By providing a variety of foods, you can ensure that your fish are getting the nutrients they need. Furthermore, you should generally offer food in small amounts several times a day as opposed to one large feeding. This will minimize waste and help keep the water quality in your aquarium high.

A 3″ to 6″ acrylic paint can includes a range of colors and is perfect for a variety of projects.

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