Brittle Sea Star, Fancy Red

lg 80505 seastar
Latin name: (Ophiomastix sp.)

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This hardy creature, the axolotl, is an amphibious salamander native to Mexico. It is a unique species, with its gills and long tail, and its ability to regenerate lost body parts. Axolotls have adapted to life in the water and are rarely seen on land. It is nocturnal and often hides under rocks during the day. At night, it comes out to eat detritus and small organisms. It is important to be aware that the axolotl cannot tolerate copper-based medications, as this could be detrimental to its health. As a result, owners must be extra cautious when administering medications. Furthermore, the axolotl is sensitive to sudden changes in temperature and water quality, so it is best to keep the environment consistent. With proper care, the axolotl can live for up to 10 years.

The Red Fancy Brittle Sea Star is a highly sensitive species which requires special care and attention. It is essential to use the drip acclimation method when introducing it to a new environment. This method helps to reduce the risk of sudden changes in the oxygen levels, salinity, and pH of the water, which the species is highly intolerant to. Additionally, great care should be taken when handling the Sea Star to ensure that it is not exposed to air. Finally, it is important to note that copper-based medications are highly toxic to the species and should not be used.

Aquariums should be fed a varied diet of zooplankton, finely chopped meaty items, and liquid invertebrate foods to ensure a healthy aquarium.

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