Blue Velvet Damselfish

lg 70301 blue velvet
Latin name: (Paraglyphidodon oxyodon)

Care Level





Black, Blue, White



Preferred Conditions


Avg. Max Size


Minimum Tank Size

30 gallons



This fish is an excellent choice for fish keepers who are willing to commit to providing the best care. With proper maintenance and aquarium conditions, this fish will thrive in a 30 gallon or larger aquarium, making it a great addition to almost any tank. Additionally, its aggressive nature requires that it be housed with other fish of similar size and temperament, so it’s important to research before adding it to an established aquarium. Furthermore, it is important to note that if proper aquarium management techniques are not practiced, this fish will be prone to disease. As such, it is essential to take the necessary steps to ensure a healthy and balanced environment for your fish.

The Blue Velvet Damselfish is a hardy species that is relatively easy to care for and can thrive in a variety of aquarium conditions. It is an ideal choice for the beginner aquarist as it is tolerant of a wide range of water parameters and is not particularly sensitive to fluctuations. Its diet is quite varied, including a variety of meaty items, herbivore preparations, and flaked foods. With the right diet, it can provide a great addition to any aquarium.

The approximate purchase size for small, medium, and large sizes is 3/4″ to 1-1/4″, 1-1/4″ to 1-3/4″, and 1-3/4″ to 2 -1/2″, respectively.

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