Bitterling – Assorted

lg 89571 Bitterling
Latin name: (Rhodeus sp.)

Care Level





White, Yellow



Preferred Conditions


Avg. Max Size


Minimum Tank Size

30 gallons



The ideal aquarium size should be at least 30 gallons to ensure there is enough space for the fish to swim and explore. It is recommended to decorate the aquarium with many plants, either real or plastic, to recreate their natural environment. Additionally, rocks and hiding places are essential to provide the fish with a sense of security. Gravel or sand can be used as a substrate to complete the aquarium’s aesthetic. Furthermore, it is highly recommended to maintain the aquarium regularly by replacing the water, cleaning the decorations, and testing the water parameters. Doing so will create a safe and healthy environment for the fish to thrive.

Bitterlings have a unique role in the water garden ecosystem. Not only do they help to keep the koi population healthy by consuming parasites, they also eat insect larvae, helping to reduce the mosquito population. These fish are incredibly active, making them a visually-pleasing addition to any pond. Moreover, they are a great choice for ponds with large koi because they are the perfect size to feed on parasites and do not pose a threat to the larger fish.

The Bitterlings will spawn into the mantle of a freshwater clam, where they will incubate. Provide a number of Bitterlings in the same aquarium to allow them to pair off. Once the fry become waterborne, feed them newly hatched brine shrimp.

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