Auriga Butterflyfish

lg 67922 Auriga Butterflyfish
Latin name: (Chaetodon auriga)

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Black, White, Yellow



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The Auriga Butterflyfish is an interesting species to keep, however it requires a specific environment to do so. It is quite shy and should be provided multiple hiding places to feel secure. Additionally, due to its strong tendency to pick at rock, it should not be kept in a reef tank. It should only be kept in a live rock-only tank, and this should be taken into consideration when deciding if this species is the right fish for your tank. Furthermore, it is important to recognize that this species of Butterflyfish is not reef safe and therefore should not be kept with corals or other invertebrates.

The Auriga Butterflyfish is a highly sought after species due to its unique colouration and graceful swimming pattern. Its diet should consist of meaty items such as fish, crustaceans, mysis shrimp, and frozen marine preparations. This species is fairly hardy, so it is an ideal choice for a beginner saltwater aquarium. To ensure optimal health, it is important to provide a varied diet with plenty of fresh seafood options. Additionally, it is beneficial to supplement its diet with a high-quality vitamin and mineral supplement. This will help ensure that the Auriga Butterflyfish receives the essential nutrients necessary to thrive.

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